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1. It was discussed to clearly defined role as we continue to expand and scale Review 3rd party firms that can help manage OWASP Foundation - create a RFQ OWASP Foundation - Role(s) to be defined global conference manager, operations manager based on. Click Here and Click Here Purpose is to SCALE and GROW the foundation.

2. Based on budget, move approx. 200k to a long term CD

3. Every (6) months review and invest in long term goals approx 150k

  • 50k for the OWASP Summit 2011
  • . 9k has been approved to proceed and hire Sandra and 6k for operational charges.
  • . 30k pre-approved budget for OWASP Leaders (chapters and projects) - starting with 5k Testing Guide, 5k Developer Guide and 5k Testing Guide (to be defined within 30days)
    • up to 500 USD the leader can proactively spend the money (and then put the details on the WIKI)
    • up to 2500 USD the leader needs to publish the details on the WIKI and if there is no comment/issue the expenditure is approved
  • . 9k has been approved to proceed and hire _______ and 6k for operational charges for college chapters program.
  • . 10k for project review funds (to be distributed as "OPoints"). OWASP Points has been approved for 20 projects reviews. Each project review rewards with travel/hotel to come to OWASP conferences
  • . 30k approved for board driven initiatives

10. Christian Heinrich inquiry completed and Christian has been suspended from OWASP Foundation project/chapter leadership for 6 months unril March 8th 2011. We encourage his positive participation in chapters and projects consistent with our culture and principles of conduct. Specifically, no accusations towards other members of our community will be tolerated.