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Speakers should call in via

- Skype directly via another Skype account - Normal computer headset works best here.  The moderator is Skype user jmanico
- (213) 985 1930. Please use an old fashioned plain-ol wired telephone - no wireless headsets or cell phones, please

The show is produced by Jim Manico and Kevin Coons from ManaTribe from the island of Kauai using

- Skype (allow callers to call-in via computer)
- SkypeIN/OUT (allow callers to call in via a standard phone number
- MX Skype Recorder (to record the Skype feed)
- Soundforge (simple first-pass editing - Audacity is a free alternative)
- Garage Band or Pro Tools (eq, sound levels, conversion to mp3 - Audacity is a free alternative)
- mp3tag (allows for detailed tagging of your mp3's metadata, including providing an embedded image)

The actual recording hardware includes:

- (podcast 1-5) Plantronics USB Headset
- (podcast 6+) Blue Icycle USB to XLR converter, Shure SM58 Vocal Microphone, professional stand alone pop screen.
- Dell XPS 420, Win XP, 3.5 gb RAM (recording)
- Mac Mini (final mastering) 
- Oceanic Time Warner-Cable Turbo Net Access (Hawaiian Islands)


- Jim records raw feed with guest(s)
- Jim edits raw WAV file, editorial work carving out the good stuff
- Jim adds intro and exit voice work, save final WAV ready for producing
- Jim uploads WAV file to ftp server, stage up for Kevin
- Kevin adds in music, fixes volume levels, equalizes, does some other FM and converts to mp3 
- Kevin uploads mp3 to ftp server
- Jim downloads mp3 and tags mp3 with metadata including cover art
- Jim uploads mp3 to
- Jim modifies podcast.xml and uploads to owasp.og
- Jim edits podcast wiki pages
- Jim tells iTunes the new feed is ready by hitting
- Jim blogs about availability of new podcast and hopes Jeff adds it to the news feed! :)

Cost Estimates

Skype Account (Skype-2-Skype) $0.00
Skype Subscription (Unlimited US) $8.85 For 3 Months
SkypeIN Phone Number (Requires Subscription) $18.00 For 3 Months
MX Skype Recorder/Call Graph $19.95/$0.00
Audacity $0.00
mp3tag $0.00