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The follow cost estimates follow the current process requirements.  The following associated costs can be minimized to ensure that this process can be reproduced quickly, easily and cost effectively.
Cost Estimates

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Speakers should call in via

- Skype directly via another Skype account - Normal computer headset works best here.  The moderator is Skype user jmanico
- (213) 985 1930. Please use an old fashioned plain-ol wired telephone - no wireless headsets or cell phones, please

The show is produced by Jim Manico and Kevin Coons using

- Skype (allow callers to call-in via computer)
- SkypeIN/OUT (allow callers to call in via a standard phone number
- MX Skype Recorder (to record the Skype feed)
- Soundforge (simple first-pass editing - Audacity is a free alternative)
- Garage Band or Pro Tools (eq, sound levels, conversion to mp3 - Audacity is a free alternative)
- mp3tag (allows for detailed tagging of your mp3's metadata, including providing an embedded images)

Cost Estimates

Skype Account (Skype-2-Skype) $0.00
Skype Subscription (Unlimited US) $8.85 For 3 Months
SkypeIN Phone Number (Requires Subscription) $18.00 For 3 Months
MX Skype Recorder $19.95
Audacity $0.00
mp3tag $0.00