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@Paulo Coimbra

The methodology, which I assume is generic for all inquiries, should be listed as a separate page but linked to the all inquiries.

The initial series of tabs should be: 6. "Record of Complaint(s)" - complaints made by anonymous and troll plaintiffs must be labeled and listed at the bottom of page with plaintiffs who are exist (including their contact information) complaints are listed at the top. 5. "Response from Project Leader" 4. "OWASP Board Responses [Rejected/Accepted]" i.e. Three parts i.e. 1. if an inquiry is required? and/or 2. other action items to avoid these type of complaints in the future 3. If these are accepted by the plaintiff (the attempted to contact them would be listed if they do not respond).

Obviously, if the inquiry is launched then the following could be recorded within one or multiple tabs 3. "Record of Legitimate Complaints" 2. "Acceptance by Project Leader" 1. "Concluding Statement by OWASP Board"

The number of 1-6 is based on the ordering as the public will read this left to right and hence more rumor, hearsay, etc may be created if the concluding tab isn't the left most tab (i.e. 4 or 1).