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Minutes from the First Denver OWASP meeting, Wednesday November 15th, 2006
As promised, INS provided a conference room and projecter for 12-15 people (thanks INS!)
This was much appreciated by the 35 or so folks who showed up!
Introductions took place around the room and it looks like about 20% of the folks are non-technical (sales, management, business, governance), 40% are in security operations (pen-testing, security ops consulting), 40% SDLC folks (developers, QA, testers), with one or two Project Managers thrown in for good measure. 
David B. gave a fascinating slideshow on the OWASP Top 10, followed by a discussion about what we want to accomplish as a chapter and what the topic for the next meeting ought to be.  The final decision was captured on Andy's iBook, which unfortunately turned to slag in the middle of the meeting.  The concensus was to do the following:
1. Start at the beginning - with requirements and use-cases.
2. Leverage existing technologies and methodologies such as Active Directory and the security features of .Net.
3. Position our developers for success - figure out how to test effectively and correlate security testing failures with where developers ought to go to check their code.
4. Position our testers/QA for success - figure out how to test effectively without unnecessary delays.
4. Position our business for success - ensure that compliance is also addressed in the 3 areas above.
6. Build the case that ties the above activities to actual business value.
7. Figure out how to market this stuff so that it's not entirely about dollars and cents.
So... on January 17th there will be a talk about integrating security into the SDLC.  In the mean time, we'll see if we can kick off a few use-cases via email collaboration.
After the meeting we hoisted a pint or two at some Irish pub around the corner from INS and a good time was had by all.
Stay tuned...
Many thanks to Scott and Rachael of INS for hosting the first meeting!  Contact info for Scott:
Scott Scharf
INS - International Network Services
(303) 953-3401
scott.scharf AT ins.com
Thanks also to the participation of other vendors.  Their contact info is below:
Jeff Paddock
Application Security, Inc.
(303) 274-0404
jpaddock AT appsecinc.com
Dan Wood
Accuvant Inc.
(303) 298-0600 x119
dwood AT accuvant.com
Steve Drown
(303) 643-6122
Steven.Drown AT ca.com
Andy Hill
Melillo Consulting
(720) 480-9634
hill AT mjm.com
Jeff Kowalski
South Seas Corporation
(303) 649-1771
jkowalski AT southseascorp.com
Chris Bramhall
South Seas Corporation
(303) 649-1771
cbramhall AT southseascorp.com
Bill Croom III
(719) 481-4991
bcroom AT verisign.com

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