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Draft Top 10 advice for new and veteran chapter leaders

1. placeholder

Description: clearly describe the activity / device chapter leaders can do

Impact: wat is the expected outcome of this activity?

Required support: if applicable, list the required support from other parties, e.g. chapters committee, other committees, the board, ...

Ideas (Seba):

Go to dev/sec events and get speaking slots / booths to promote the local owasp chapter
Push local and international owasp speakers on these events
Network with local security/development communities, such as issa, isaca, user groups, hackerspaces, etc... You can set up joint events and ask for affiliation.

Attract great speakers/ topics

Get local companies/universities to host your chapter meetings. You can recognize them as local sponsors.

Raise local sponsorship
Funds can be used for speaker travel costs, catering, organizing free regional events

Raise appsec awareness
Speak as much as possible on local events, schools, government, media to raise the appsec awareness and mention owasp.

Localize owasp material
Tanslate owasp projects, get local people to work on owasp projects. Promote the local interpretation and useage of owasp material.

Organize your chapter
Create a group to form a local board, create roles & responsabilities

Create a contact list to send out personalized invitations for chapter meetings
Make sure this is opt-in, no spamming
Use regonline to send the invitations and do follow-up

Promote local membership Personal, corporate, educational and chapter

Update your chapter page regularly

Create local linkedin groups

Organize yearly local events, miniconferences. Possibly together with other nearby chapters

When you have a bigger community, target to organize bigger events, aim for hosting a global appsec event some day

Organize training days

Draft Top 10 advice for new and veteran chapter leaders

Set 7 goals for EU chapters to be performed together and to be accomplished by AppSecEU 2012 in Greece

Ideas (Seba):

  • Organize roadshows
  • Promote local speakers to other eu chapters
  • Attract eu speakers from other eu chapters
  • Find out how to weigh on eu policy / legislation to improve appsec
  • List eu sec events where local chapters could push owasp content/speakers
  • Brainstorm on eu specific owasp projects, e.g. Privacy related
  • Find out if there is interest in getting eu specific sponsors?
  • Each experienced chapter leader to adopt a new or restarting chapter and actively help the chapter leader
  • Start pan eu promotion of appseceu12
  • Look for pan eu academic promotion of appsec. List eu funded research
  • Create an eu agenda of chapter meetings and events
  • Investigate streaming owasp chapter meetings and synching 2 or more meetings accross europe
  • Create one or more owasp booths to travel around europe for events
  • Create a list of eu speakers on appsec