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OWASP Switzerland Chapter Logo

Welcome to the Home Page of the OWASP Switzerland Chapter.

If you're living in the French speaking part of Switzerland, please also visit the OWASP Geneva chapter for more information.

Please find below the planned dates for all OWASP Switzerland Meetings in 2014:

  • Wednesday, February 19th 2014
  • Wednesday, April 9th 2014
  • Tuesday, June 17th 2014
  • Wednesday, August 20th 2014
  • Tuesday, October 21th 2014
  • Wednesday, December 10th 2014

Wednesday, February 19th 2014
We'd like to invite you to the first of six OWASP Switzerland meetings in 2014. Please make sure to register for the event using your full name as this is needed to access the Swisscom premises where the meeting will take place.

  • When:
    Wednesday, February 19th 2014
    Starting at 18:00
    Doors at 17:30
  • What:
    S-SDLC – Ready for Clouds? (by Robert Schneider, Swisscom IT Services AG Person.png)
    Many companies have it (somehow) and numerous are planning to implement one – a Secure Software Development Life Cycle (S-SDLC). As Swisscom is building a new Cloud, the whole S-SDLC had to be reconsidered to match the new challenges. In this presentation I would like to give you an overview of the four fundamental phases that we plan to implement in our new S-SDLC (Intellectual Property Scan, Code Review, Vulnerability Scanning and Stress & Load Testing) as well as an idea of what these phases are meant to do. Additionally, I would like to give you an idea of what possible candidates (i.e. tools) could be of interest for you and where we see the biggest pitfalls so far.
    As this is a considerable topic, I hope that you bring with you many questions, answers as well as your own experiences to share with each other.
  • Where:
    Swisscom IT Services AG
    Pfingstweidstrasse 51
    CH-8005 Zürich
    Google Maps
Please *don't* use the main entrance.
We will be waiting for you on the back side of the building (opposite to the Renaissance Hotel).
  • Who:
    As usual, all of our meetings are open to everyone and free of charge.
  • Agenda
    18:00 – 18:15 | Intro and Update on OWASP by Sven Vetsch, OWASP Switzerland Person.png
    18:20 – 19:30 | S-SDLC – Ready for Clouds? by Robert Schneider, Swisscom IT Services AG Person.png
    20:00 – **:** | Dinner

Date Info Speaker Slides Event Topic
2013-12-17 Info.png Chapter Meeting Annual Review & Outlook
2013-10-22 Info.png Person.png Slides.png Chapter Meeting Advances in secure (ASP).NET development – Break the hacker's spirit
2013-10-22 Info.png Person.png Slides.png Chapter Meeting Node.js Security
2013-04-09 Info.png Chapter Meeting
2012-09-19 Person.png Slides.png Security-Zone OWASP Top 10 Mobile Risks
2012-06-12 Info.png Chapter Meeting
2012-02-14 Info.png Chapter Meeting
2011-12-13 Info.png Chapter Meeting
2011-10-11 Info.png Chapter Meeting
2011-08-09 Info.png Foundation of OWASP Switzerland Association
2011-06-14 Info.png Person.png Slides.png Chapter Meeting Automatic CRL updates for the Apache Web server
2011-06-14 Info.png Person.png Slides.png Chapter Meeting New Standards and upcoming Technologies in Browser Security (Slides by Tobias Gondrom)
2011-05-12 Person.png Slides.png Swiss Cyber Storm III
2011-04-12 Info.png Person.png Slides.png Chapter Meeting ASP.NET & ViewState Security
2010-04-12 Info.png Person.png Chapter Meeting Usability vs. Security
2010-04-12 Info.png Person.png Chapter Meeting 2-factor authentication for mobile devices: a secure and practical approach
2009-06-25 Info.png Chapter Meeting
2009-04-07 Info.png Chapter Meeting
2008-09-08 Info.png Chapter Meeting
2008-04-01 Person.png Global OWASP Week Taking Apache access logs to the next level
2008-04-01 Person.png Global OWASP Week Implementing an Application Security Lifecycle programme
2008-04-01 Person.png Global OWASP Week WebAppSec the Big Picture
2007-12-11 Info.png Chapter Meeting
2007-09-20 Info.png Security-Zone
2007-09-19 Info.png Security-Zone
2007-07-24 Info.png Person.png Slides.png Chapter Meeting Dependability for Java Mobile Code
2007-04-26 Info.png Chapter Meeting
2007-02-12 Info.png Person.png Slides.png Chapter Meeting XSS-Worms
2006-11-11 OWASP Switzerland Chapter Kick-Off Meeting

OWASP Chapter meetings are free and open. Our chapter's meetings are informal and encourage open discussion of all aspects of application security. Anyone in our area interested in application security is welcome to attend. We encourage attendees to give short presentations about specific topics.

Our main topics are:

  • Security testing
  • Secure development
  • Hacking
  • Secure Architectures

If you would like to give a presentation (make sure that you have read and understood the speaker agreement), or have any questions about the OWASP Switzerland Chapter, send an email to Sven Vetsch.

Help us to make application security visible and become a supporter of the OWASP or our Chapter in Switzerland. All information about becoming a member/sponsor can be found here.

If your company is interested in supporting us directly, please contact Sven Vetsch to talk about the following sponsoring possibilities.

  • Chapter Supporter
  • Single Meeting Supporter
  • Facility Sponsor
  • Organization Supporters (allocating 40% of your annual donation to our Chapter)

Here you can find material related to the OWASP Switzerland Chapter.

OWASP Switzerland bylaws (in German)
Download bylaws

OWASP Switzerland Update Presentation (December 13th 2011)
Download Presentation


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