Summit 2011 Working Sessions/Session048/Deliverable 1

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Deliverable 1

A prioritized action plan for getting OWASP materials created in Portuguese.


  • there is need for a glossary (list of words and expressions) to make translations uniform.

Action Plan:

  1. Defined priorities
    1. translations
      1. Top 10
      2. OpenSAMM
      3. "About OWASP" presentations
    2. revision
      1. Quick reference guide
      2. ASVS
  2. Coordination
    1. assign a coordinator for the translation of each document
    2. use the wiki to assign and control the translation of pages/sections/chapters/etc.
    3. use the mailing list so people know the activities being worked on.
  3. Defined process
    1. split documents in smaller chunks
    2. allocate chunks to translators
    3. verify how the work is going, ask for deadlines
    4. maintain a waiting list of volunteers so we can re-assign chunks if needed
    5. translation reviews must be done by a person from a country different from the translator