Summit 2011/Emails To Attendees

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Date: 31 Feb, 2011 (11:37am CST)

Subject: Summit Attendee - Bio and Picture Requested

Summit Attendees (you have all been bcc'ed):

With the Summit only a week away we are focusing on details and have come to the conclusion (after quite a few inquiries) that it would be nice for the Summit Attendees to know a little about each other and who else is at the Summit.

If you would send me a 1-2 paragraph bio and small picture as soon as possible, I will work on having this ready for you by the time you arrive. If you would NOT like your information (or picture) distributed, please let me know this as well. If I don't hear from you I will assume, you were too busy to put something together but it is OK for me to use information I have found on other OWASP pages or publicly available profiles (linkedin, etc.)

Best Regards,

Sarah Baso