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[[Category:Staff Projects]]
[[Category:Staff Projects]]
='''BlackHat London 2019'''=
= Logistics =
= Logistics =

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Each project will have a 2-3 paragraph overview narrative. Keep to the key top points about the project. Visitors should be able to read this short narrative and have a good understanding of the project without having to scroll the entire document.

Project Links

Use this section for important links for projects/events that visitors will need. For instance, if this is an event, links to CFT, CPT and registration is handy If there is a microsite, that would be good to link to as well


Include top-level goals of the project in an ordered list Give thought to the ordering of goals. Revenue, attendance, launch date Make sure goals are measurable from undisputed source


  • In an unordered list (billeted) list major milestones in chronological order
  • Use the syntax of 2019-01-19, Milestone name [Name of Owner]
  • When milestones are completed, mark them as such with ??
  • A milestone isn’t everyone’s to-do list, it is the high level tasks of the project
  • If you have more than 20 milestones, you’re being too granular


  • unordered list of each leader and a hyperlink to their email address.

BlackHat London 2019


Name & URLs


Minimally the address and phone number of the venue for the event. Note the distance of the venue from the nearest likely airport for travelers and public transit information if available.


Hyperlink, address and phone number of lodging options. If a negotiated rate has been secured it should be noted. If possible please include 3-4 lodging options and list distance of each location from venue and the nearest likely airport for travelers.


List all registration options and their prices and what conditions are required for certain discounts (if any). Include a link to the registration page. Note the registration link should ALSO be available in the Key Resources sections above.


The high level budget should be listed below as a table. The full budget should be linked here and in a Google Sheet in the OWASP instance set to public (read only).

Description Amount
+ Registration $10,000
+ Training $7,000
+ Sponsorships $100
+ Venue $5,000
+ Catering $1,000
+ Trainers $1,000
+ Travel $0
+ Session Recordings $2,000
+ Other $0
Forcasted (+/-) $7,900

Provide link to full budget


This event offers several parter sponsorships opportunities. If you are interested in supporting the event please contact []( Below is a list of existing and available sponsorships. Please note all sponsorship levels include a table in the exhibition area and logos on conference materials and signage. All sponsor assets will go in a folder named sponsors in this repo.

  • Gold Sponsor. $5,000. Recognition and five-minute talk at keynote
  • Gold Sponsor. $5,000. Github
  • Silver Sponsor. $2,500 Recognition at General Session
  • Bronze Sponsor, $1,000
  • Bronze Sponsor, $1,000
  • Bronze Sponsor, $1,000
  • Bronze Sponsor, $1,000
  • Bronze Sponsor, $1,000


This section will include a checklist of the key contracts and legal documents needed to execute an event. A folder in this repo named legal will include PDFs of all fully executed agreements. IF any agreeement isn’t completed the status should be provided here.

  • Conference Organizing [ ]
  • Venue [ ]
  • Venue A/V (if different vendor [ ]
  • Catering [ ]
  • Session Recordings [ ]
  • Lead Collection [ ]
  • Event Insurance [ ]