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(Prioritized Projects)
(Prioritized Projects)
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=== Prioritized Projects ===
=== Prioritized Projects ===
# Policy and Handbook Reorganization [Dawn]
# Leader Agreement (Project, Chapter, Event)
# Leader Agreement (Project, Chapter, Event)
# Technology Plan [Matt] [https://owaspstaff.slack.com/files/U2E711RC2/FGD9WUAKW/data-islands.png whiteboard]
# Technology Plan [Matt] [https://owaspstaff.slack.com/files/U2E711RC2/FGD9WUAKW/data-islands.png whiteboard]

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Themes for 2019: Simplify, Unify, Grow

  1. Simplify: Reduce the complexity of advancing the mission of the Foundation
  2. Unify: Create and nurture a shared culture of success within the community
  3. Grow: Increase reputation of Foundation that will grow involvement and influence

Staff Projects

Staff Project are work product primarily done by staff that require either 40+hrs of staff time or have a financial obligation of more than $10,000. Active Staff Projects have written plans that include measurable goals, milestones, and should be linked below. Prioritized Staff Projects are in the formation stages and are listed in rank importance. Unprioritized Staff Projects are items that lack a plan and are in a "bucket list" until they get prioritized with a project plan. Note this project list is not the exhaustive list of staff daily work product. These are the key projects above everyday work that is purposefully planned to deliver on 2019 Goals. Generally the process we will use to implement our plans are:

 Concept >> Document >> Socialize >> Iterate >> [Approval if needed] >> Plan >> Implement >> Report >> Revisit

Active Projects

Prioritized Projects

  1. Policy and Handbook Reorganization [Dawn]
  2. Leader Agreement (Project, Chapter, Event)
  3. Technology Plan [Matt] whiteboard
  4. Forms Tool Migration [Harold]
    1. Accept agreements/ replace Docusign(?)
    2. Free-form Payments
    3. Donations
    4. Join as Member
      1. First time
      2. Recurring
      3. Renewals
  5. Membership Benefits [Lisa] whiteboard
  6. CoMarketing Plan [Lisa] whiteboard
  7. 2020 Event Plan [Mike] whiteboard

Unprioritized Projects

  • SalesForce New Instance > Migration
  • SalesForce Sales Pipeline
  • Invoice Workflow (SalesForce & JIRA)
  • Bi-Annual Signatory/Password Audit Jan/June
  • Help Wanted Project Service (see https://helpwanted.apache.org/ for concept)

Completed Projects



  • Create and share best practices and tools for InfoSec community
  • Increase connectedness and engagement within the community.
  • Position the Foundation for growth.
  • Professionalize administrative and operational tasks and practices.
  • Redesign financial model and membership benefits.

Foundation Goals for 2019 - DRAFT

  • Optimize business operations to overachieve financial and membership targets.
  • Manage three profitable global conferences, planning four in 2020.
  • Successfully relaunch website and community toolset by June 1.
  • Increase relevance and reputation of OWASP measured by 5% increase in web traffic.
  • Improve satisfaction with OWASP by survey measured 5% increase.
  • Increase membership by 20% and Corporate Sponsorship revenue by 25%.

Vision: Global and open resource for software security