Sponsored Projects

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Active Projects : List

  • Independently funded
    • OWASP Corporate Application Security Rating Guide - Create and release the first version of this very important document ( funds from Cenzic membership fees)
  • From SpoC 007
    • OWASP JBroFuzz Project
    • OSG - OWASP Site Generator - Join Boris in his development of the new version of .NET's OSG (funds from SPI Dynamics and Cenzic membership fees)

Active Projects : Details

OSG - OWASP Site Generator (5k)

  • Project description: Continue development of Site Generator, write new vulnerabilities, work on new dynamic engine, document findings
  • Funds available: 5,000 USD
  • Sponsor: SPI Dynamics, Cenzic
  • Proposal Accepted: Mike de Libero's proposal

OWASP Corporate Application Security Rating Guide (3k)