SpoC 007 - Inspekt: Input filtering and validation library for PHP - Progress Page

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Most info about Inspekt, including usage docs and downloads, is available at the Inspekt Google Code page. See here PEAR channel


  • (Completed) Untethering the Zend_Filter_Input code from the Zend Framework
  • (Completed) Rewriting PHP5-specific portions to work in PHP4
  • (Completed) Development of approach to address scoping issues (a big plus of the $_* superglobals is that they are always available in all scopes automatically)
  • (Completed) Initial release of code (continues throughout at appropriate points)
  • (Completed) Addition of a variety of "helper" methods to make filtered input object creation and interaction easier
  • Addition of automatic input "restriction" filters
  • Addition of input filtering system configuration via external config files
  • (Completed) Full API doc generated from phpDoc-style documentation
  • (Completed) Detailed usage documentation, including examples of bootstrapping and methods of integration with various frameworks. Example source code included.
  • (Completed) PEAR channel for packaged distribution

Ongoing Work

  • Advocacy. PR via interviews and news items about releases; writing articles demonstrating the system for various sources; presentations via the web and at major PHP conferences.
  • Work with major PHP app devs and framework devs to integrate the system -- or encourage the development of similar approaches -- within their projects.