SpoC 007 - Enigform: Firefox Addon for OpenPGP signing of HTTP requests

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AoC Candidate: Arturo Busleiman (a.k.a Buanzo)

Project coordinator: Dinis Cruz

Project Progress: 70% Complete, Progress Page

Buanzo -Firefox Addon (Enigform) and Apache Module (mod_openpgp) to extend HTTP with OpenPGP capabilities

Arturo "Buanzo" Busleiman

I am a 25 year old Independent security consultant from Buenos Aires, Argentina, that has contributed to the world of information systems security since 1994, when BBSes and Linux still lived together.

A quick search for buanzo on google [1] will provide all necessary details about my professional and community background. For comprobable experience, you could also check my Rent a Coder profile.[2].

In my free time I like playing with my Punk-Pop band [3], Futurabanda. [4], and maintaining my Restaurants, Wines and Recipes site. [5]. I have to admit that my first priorities are my beloved son [6] and my wonderful wife [7].


I've contributed scripts, fixes and translations to the Nmap project. I've also acted as Expert Contributor for SANS TOP-20 2004, 2005 and 2006. I've developed tools that can be found in Freshmeat, like mprl (a getty enhancement to allow remote logins from the login: prompt of the console). I've also written the Unix chapter of the OISSG's Information Systems Security Assessment Framework, v0.1 [8]. I'm currently writing an Internet Draft to be proposed for RFC named "OpenPGP Extensions to HTTP".


I "run" the 2600 meetings site for Argentina [9], I've been proposed, but I refused, for President of the Argentinian Free Software group called SOLAR [www.solar.org.ar]. I'm an active member of the FLOSS community since 1996, having written articles in magazines http://www.net-security.org/dl/articles/Detecting_and_Understanding_rootkits.txt, made TV, radio and newspaper appearances [10] and led different security research groups of Spain, Mexico and Argentina. Currently I contribute time thorugh my sites, forums and blogs, answering questions in mailing lists and helping coordinate some local LUGs. I do also manager the Linux Counter for Argentina [11].

My Project

Enigform [12] is a Firefox extension that enhances HTTP with OpenPGP functionality. It digitally signs and/or encrypts outgoing HTTP requests so that a web server can authenticate the identity and data of the incoming request. It is a Web Security tool because it can, if correctly implemented as any OpenPGP based technology, render man in the middle attacks useless. I think OpenPGP already speaks for itself regarding eMail. Imagine the same benefits for http and web applications. I think Enigform can fit into the OWASP Validation Project [13].

Enigform is the reference implementation of the Internet Draft I'm working on, in discussion with members of the IETF's OpenPGP Working Group.

Some simple PHP code is enough to make a web application Enigform-aware [14]. The Smutty PHP MVC Framework already supports Enigform [15], but the best approach is to use the Apache module I'm writing, called mod_auth_openpgp (which will be renamed to mod_openpgp as it evolves).

Long Term

Have the Draft be proposed as a Standards Track RFC document, have Enigform support directly in MS IIS, and port Enigform to other browsers and/or programming languages, and also provide OpenPGP De/Encryption support.

Why should I be selected

I have the experience, security awareness and means to make this project THE web security project of the decade. I am a respected member of the international security community, and I firmly believe Enigform is my greatest idea so far.

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Current Status

As of 9th July, 2007, Enigform has been enhanced with remote site OpenPGP discovery, Public Key Import. Kyle Huff has joined the development team, and the Session Protocol has been proposed. Regarding Encryption, mod_openpgp supports encrypted http requests, but Enigform support for this is in research stage.Microsoft support will be last stage, once Enigform 1.0 and mod_openpgp 1.0 are released.