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Use encapsulationUse of Less Trusted Source
Use of Obsolete MethodsUse of hard-coded cryptographic keyUse of hard-coded password
Use of sizeof() on a pointer typeUse umaskUser Interface Quality Errors
User Interface Security ErrorsUser LibraryUser Management Library
User Privacy Protection Cheat SheetUser input piercing for Cross Site Scripting AttacksUser interface inconsistency
User management errorsUsing JCaptchaUsing Misuse Cases to Articulate Vulnerabilities to Stakeholders
Using Rfc2898DeriveBytes for PBKDF2
Using WebGoatUsing a broken or risky cryptographic algorithmUsing a key past its expiration date
Using freed memoryUsing password systemsUsing referer field for authentication or authorization
Using single-factor authenticationUsing the Java Cryptographic Extensions
Using the Java Secure Socket Extensions
Uso de las Extensiones Criptográficas de JavaValidate-Before-CanonicalizeValidate-Before-Filter
Validation NewsValidation performed in client
Value DelimiterValue ProblemsVancouver
Variable Name DelimiterVbootkit 2.0: Attacking Windows 7 Via BootVenezuela
Venezuela ColaborarVenezuela Eventos
Verify security attributes of resourcesVerkkomaksutVermont
Veterans Program ProposalVietnam
VijayawadaVimal JyothiVinay Bansal, Martin Nystrom
VirginiaVirtual Files
Virtual Patching Best PracticesVirtual Patching Cheat SheetVitoria
Voice During ElectionsVolunteers Needed
Vulnerability Classification Mappings
Vulnerability Management in an Application Security WorldVulnerability template
WAF and Business Logic Attacks
WASC OWASP Web Application Firewall Evaluation Criteria ProjectWASPY Award 2012 CandidatesWASPY Award 2012 Finalists
WASPY Award 2012 Sponsorship InformationWASPY AwardsWASPY Awards 2012
WASPY Awards 2013WASPY Awards 2014WASPY Awards 2015
WCF Security Best PracticesWFuzzFE
WSSWS Authentication Testing (OWASP-WS-003)WS BEPL Testing (OWASP-WS-010)
WS HTTP GET Parameters/REST Testing (OWASP-WS-007)
WS Information Gathering (OWASP-WS-002)WS Management Interface Testing (OWASP-WS-004)WS Naughty SOAP Attachment Testing (OWASP-WS-008)
WS Replay/MiTM Testing (OWASP-WS-009)WXf: Web Exploitation Framework
Washington DCWashington DC ArchivesWashington DC LIVE-O
Wayne Huang, Conference ChairWayne Huang, OWASP Taiwan Chapter
Weak EncryptionWeak XML Structure Testing (OWASP-WS-005)
Weak credentialsWeb-based Malware obfuscation: the kung-fu and the detectionWeb-metadata
WebAppSec.php: Developing Secure Web ApplicationsWebGoatFor.Net
WebGoat Getting StartedWebGoat InstallationWebGoat User Guide Frontispiece
WebGoat User Guide IntroductionWebGoat User Guide Objectives
WebGoat User and Install Guide Table of ContentsWebGoat User and Install Guide Table of Contents/es
WebScarab Demonstration SeriesWebScarab Getting StartedWebScarab Getting Started/es
WebScarab SSL CertificatesWeb 2.0, Consumerization, and Application Security
Web Application FirewallWeb Application Patents/Cenzic patent on 'Fault injection methods and apparatus'Web Application Penetration Testing
Web Application Security Consultant, Aspect Security, Inc
Web Application Security Engineer - FonalityWeb Application Security Presales ConsultantWeb Application Security Presales Consultant - London
Web Application Security Scanner Evaluation CriteriaWeb Application Security Testing Cheat SheetWeb Application Security Testing with the Burp Suite
Web Application Security for a Smarter PlanetWeb Developer - contract position - (Saphire Technologies)Web Parameter Tampering
Web Security Specialist (Hudson IT Recruiting)Web Service (XML Interpreter)
Web Service Security Cheat SheetWeb Service Security Cheat Sheet trWeb Services
Web Services Architecture and SecurityWeb Services Cheat Sheet
Web Standards and Specifications
Web problemsWebgoat/.NET Webgoat
Webscarab XSS-CRLF plugin
What's Next? Strategies for Web Application SecurityWhat are the 'Real World' security advantages of the .Net Framework and the JVM?What are web applications?
What do you want OWASP to beWhat is IIS Security
When Web 2.0 Attacks - Understanding Security Implications of AJAX, Flash andWhen Web 2.0 Attacks - Understanding Security Implications of AJAX, Flash and "Highly Interactive" Technologies
When Web 2.0 Attacks - Understanding Security Implications of AJAX, Flash and Highly Interactive TechnologiesWhere to draw the line between your application and the IT environmentWhite and Black box testing of Lotus Domino Applications
Who can afford to build secure web applications?Why Webmail systems are hard to secure--using real case studiesWhy there are different bugs on different books
Why you need to use a FIPS 140-2 validated cryptomoduleWiki Cleanup
Wiki sandboxWikimedia-VulnerabilityWild Wild Web on Security Planet
Wildcard or Matching ElementWinRT Security CheatsheetWindows
Windows ::DATA alternate data streamWindows Identity FoundationWindows MS-DOS device names
Windows Path Link problemsWindows Shortcut Following (.LNK)Windows Virtual File problems
Windows hard linkWinnipegWinter Code Sprint
Women In AppSecWorking Session OWASP Strategic Planning
Working Session Winter of Code 2009
Working Sessions Browser Working Group OS Integration
Working Sessions Global Committees
Working Sessions Methodology
Working Sessions Projects
Working Sessions Projects Assessment Criteria and Orphaned Projects
Working Sessions Projects Funding Marketing and Commerical Services
Working Sessions XSS Eradication
Wrap-around errorWrite-what-where condition
Writing Reports: value the real risk
Wrong Data TypeWrong Status CodeXML Content-Level Testing (OWASP-WS-006)
XML External Entity (XXE) Processing
XML Interpreter (New!)XML Structural Attacks
XPATH InjectionXPATH Injection Java
XSS (Cross Site Scripting) Prevention Cheat SheetXSS Attacks
XSS Experimental Minimal Encoding RulesXSS Filter Evasion Cheat Sheet
XSS in error pages
XSS in phpMyAdmin 2.11.7
Xenotix XSS Exploit Framework
Xenotix XSS TesterXprobe3 What's New Going Application LevelXsrf
YM Chen, Director, Foundstone, A Division of McAfeeYinnon Haviv
ZAP Summit 2015ZAPpingTheTop10
Zed AbbadiÅrsberetning 2008/2009Årsberetning 2009/2010
Årsberetning 2010/2011Прес-реліз зустрічіПрес-реліз зустрічі 2014
דף בעבריתリバース エンジニアリングや不正なコード変更の技術的リスク工具评估标准