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'''OWASP PHP Portscanner Project''' to ApEx:Defence in depth
ApEx:Google dorks to Authenticated Symmetric Encryption in .NET
Authentication to CRV2 SecCommsHTTPHdrs
CRV2 SecCommsdotNet to Conference Planning Table/Task109
Conference Planning Table/Task110 to ESAPI-Building
ESAPI-BuildingWithEclipse to Front Range OWASP Conference 2013/Sessions/Sess4 Mgmt2
Front Range OWASP Conference 2013/Sessions/Sess4 Tech1 to GPC Project Details/OWASP Vicnum Project
GPC Project Details/OWASP WSFuzzer Project to Governance/ConflictHandling
Governance/Conflict of Interest Policy to Initialization and Cleanup Errors
Injectable Exploits: Two New Tools for Pwning Web Apps and Browsers to LatamTour2014 URU Agenda
LatamTour2014 header to Misinterpreted function return value
Missing Error Handling to OWASP 2014 Project Handbook Project Reviews
OWASP AJAX Crawling Tool to OWASP Browser Security ACID Tests Project
OWASP Browser Security Project to OWASP Installer Guidelines
OWASP Internationalization to OWASP PHP Filters
OWASP PHP Portscanner Project to OWASP Summer of Code 2008 Applications - for direct vote
OWASP Summer of Code 2008 Applications - for majority vote to Open forward
Open redirect to Product UI does not warn user of unsafe actions
Product and Application Security Specialist Vertafore to Project Information:template Teachable Static Analysis Workbench -...
Project Information:template Teachable Static Analysis Workbench -... to Projects/OWASP Development Guide
Projects/OWASP Development Guide/GPC/Assessment/2005 Release to Projects/OWASP PHP CSRF Guard Project/GPC
Projects/OWASP PHP Portscanner Project to Projects/Project Funds Proposal
Projects/Project Leader Cheat Sheet to Reusing a nonce, key pair in encryption
Reversible One-Way Hash to Slow Down Online Guessing Attacks with Device Cookies
Small Seed Space in PRNG to Summit 2011 Attendee/Attendee104
Summit 2011 Attendee/Attendee105 to Summit 2011 Working Sessions/Session059
Summit 2011 Working Sessions/Session059/Deliverable 1 to Testing Identify application exit/handover points (OWASP-IG-008)
Testing Identity Management to Threats from Economical Improvement
Tiger User Manual to Uruguay-Minuta-06-set-2013
Uruguay-Minuta-07-jun-2013 to 项目发布评估