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Education Module Embed within SDLC to GEC College Chapters
GEC Training to Germany/Projekte
Germany/Projekte/Top 10 to Hernando County
Hibernate to Italy OWASP Day 4
Italy OWASP Day 5 to Los Angeles/2009 Meetings/September 16
Los Angeles/2010 Meetings to Natal
Native Methods to OWASP AppSec DC 2012/Understanding IAST More Context Better Analysis
OWASP AppSec DC 2012/Unraveling some of the Mysteries around DOMbas... to OWASP Delhi Meeting VOIP: Emerging Threats and Defenses
OWASP Delhi Meeting XSS, CSRF and variants: An Insight to OWASP Live CD 2008 Project - Assessment Frame
OWASP Live CD 2008 Project - Assessment Frame Experience to OWASP Project Summit 2014/Venue
OWASP Project Summit 2014/Working Sessions to OWASP VFW Project
OWASP VFW Project/Roadmap to Path Issue - leading directory dot dot slash
Path Issue - leading dot dot backslash to Project Information:template Education Project - 50 Review - Self E...
Project Information:template Education Project - Final Review - Fir... to Projects/JavaScript Sandboxes/Releases/Current
Projects/LiveCD/ to Projects/OWASP JBroFuzz Project/GPC/Assessment/JBroFuzz 1.9
Projects/OWASP JBroFuzz Project/GPC/Assessment/JBroFuzz 2.4 to Projects/OWASP Testing Project/GPC Assessment Testing Guide V 3.0
Projects/OWASP Testing Project/GPC Assessment Testing Guide V 4.0 to Projects Reboot 2012/OWASP Portuguese Project Proposal
Projects Reboot 2012 - OWASP AppSensor to SQL Injection Cookbook template
SQL Injection Prevention Cheat Sheet to State synchronization error
Static Code Analysis to Summit 2011 Working Sessions/Membership
Summit 2011 Working Sessions/Metrics and Labelling to Summit 2013 Attendee/Attendee0027
Summit 2013 Attendee/Attendee0028 to Testing for Path Traversal (OTG-AUTHZ-001)
Testing for Path Traversal (OTG-AUTHZ-002) to Top 10 2010-What's Next For Verifiers
Top 10 2013 to Web Security Specialist (Hudson IT Recruiting)
Web Service (XML Interpreter) to 项目发布评估