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The Presentation: "Adobe Flex, AMF 3 and BlazeDS: An Assessment"

Adobe FLEX with BlazeDS offers developers a streamlined application development paradigm, allowing them to create rich Internet applications with little exertion. However, ease of implementation often results in incomplete engineering. In this presentation, Stadmeyer offers his assessment of the FLEX and BlazeDS application architectures as well as detailed examination of the Action Message Format version 3. Developers and administrators will be provided clear examples of how to do things wrong, how to do them right and explain exactly how each component works internally.

While little information is available in the field regarding a FLEX application, Trustwave's security experts will share the knowledge they've gained in migrating towards a Flex application environment. Additionally, the briefing will provide information to both security assessors and developers about a technology that is soon to be prevalent, but is not yet widely understood.

The Speaker: Kevin Stadmeyer

Kevin is a Senior Security Consultant with the application security group at Trustwave and has been with the company since 2006. He has been heavily involved in the security industry since 2000 and spoke at the Blackhat USA security conference in 2008. Kevin's specialty lies in web application security and high speed parking maneuvers although he is experienced in all aspects of information security.

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