Security Auditor

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Role Description

The basic role of a security auditor is to examine the current state of a project and try to assure the security of the current state of the project:

  • When examining requirements, the auditor will attempt to determine whether the requirements are adequate and complete.
  • When looking at a design, the auditor will generally attempt to determine whether there are any implications that could lead to vulnerabilities.
  • In addition, when looking at an implementation, the auditor will generally attempt to find overt security problems, which should be mappable to deviations from a specification.

Rarely is being a project security auditor a full time job. Often, developers with a particular interest or skill in security perform auditing. Sometimes, organizations have an audit organization focused on other regulatory compliance, and these people will perform security review.

It is usually better to avoid reviewing one’s own designs or one’s own code since it can be difficult to see the forest for the trees.