SecurityByte and OWASP Asia AppSec Conference 2009

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Securitybyte and OWASP AppSec Asia Conference 2009 comprise of three parallel training sessions to be conducted in 3 separate halls for two days i.e . 17th & 18th November 2009. Attendees will carry the freedom to switch the halls as per their interest towards a particular session. Conference talks are being delivered by world renowned and most regarded speakers from around the world. Below is the conference schedule listing confirmed speakers and talks. Couple of talks are under review by the CFP (Call For Papers) Committee and shall be available as soon as those are confirmed. Event also follows two days of InfoSec trainings to be delivered in association with SANS, ISC2 and other organizations.


Where > Conference Hall 1   Conference Hall 2   Conference Hall 3: 
Who > (Security Researchers & Enthusiasts) (Security Auditors, Developers, QA, Architects) (Leaders, Managers, C&S professionals)
Schedule Topic Speaker Topic Speaker Topic Speaker

9:00AM   - 10:30AM</td>

Keynote Sessions</td> </tr>

10:30AM - 11:00AM</td>

Tea break & Snacks on Exhibition Floor</td> </tr>

11:00AM - 12:00PM</td>




How To Blackbox Test Almost Anything</td>

Aviram Jenik, Beyond Security</td>


The International State of Cyber Security, Risk reduction in a high threat world</td>

Howard A. Schmidt, Former Cyber Security Advisor to the White house</td> </tr>

12:00PM - 1:00PM</td>

Reconsidering Network Defenses or NOT !</td>

Cedric Blancher, EADS Innovation Works</td>

Lust 2.0 – Desire for free WiFi and the threat of the Imposter </td>

Lava Kumar Kuppan, Independent Security Researcher</td>

Applications - The new cyber security frontier</td>

Mano Paul, Software Assurance Advisor (ISC)2</td> </tr>

1:00PM    - 2:00PM</td>

Lunch</td> </tr>

2:00PM    - 3:00PM</td>

Exploiting Firefox Extensions</td>

Roberto Suggi Liverani,</td>


Threat Modeling </td>

Varun Sharma, Microsoft Corp.</td>


Behind the scenes at the Microsoft Security Response Center</td>

Dave Midturi and Suresh Venkateswaran, Microsoft Security Response Center</td> </tr>

3:00PM    - 4:00PM</td>

SQL Server Forensics 2.0</td>

Kevvie Fowler, TELUS & Ringzero</td>

Vbootkit 2.0: Attacking Windows 7 Via Boot Sectors</td>

Nitin Kumar/Vipin Kumar, Independent Security Researchers, Nvlabs</td>

Business Case-Risk Management/Compliance at leading Education Group at AMITY</td>

Dr J.S Sodhi, AMITY</td> </tr>

4:00PM    - 4:30PM</td>

Business Continuity Case Study</td>

Venkataram Arabolu, BSI</td>

Usability and Privacy in Security</td>

Ponnurangam Kumaraguru, IIIT </td> </tr>

4:30 PM   - 5:30 PM</td>

Tea break & Snacks on Exhibition Floor</td> </tr>

7:00PM    - 10:00PM</td>

India Technology Leadership Summit 2009 (Exclusive by invitation only) -" Information Security Concerns for Offshoring"</td> </tr>

 </td> </tr>

Where ></td>

Conference Hall 1</td>


Conference Hall 2</td>


Conference Hall 3: </td> </tr>

Who ></td>

(Security Researchers & Enthusiasts)</td>

(Security Auditors, Developers, QA, Architects)</td>

(Leaders, Managers, C&S professionals)</td> </tr>







Speaker</td> </tr>

9:00AM   - 10:00AM</td>

Round Table with Speakers / Industry Panel - "Security Today & Tomorrow'</td> </tr>

10:00AM - 10:30AM</td>

Tea break & Snacks on Exhibition Floor</td> </tr>

10:30AM - 11:30AM</td>

Ten Things Web Developers Still Aren't Doing</td>

Frank Kim, ThinkSec Consulting</td>


SANS Dshield Webhoneypot Project</td>

Jason Lam, Independent Security Researcher</td>


Critical Infrastructure Security “Danger Without borders” </td>

John Bumgarner, US Cyber Consequence Unit (USCCU)</td> </tr>

11:30AM - 12:30PM</td>

Cloud Hacking – Distributed Attack & Exploit Platform</td>

Shreeraj Shah, Blueinfy Solutions</td>

Testing JSON Applications For Security Holes</td>

Aviram Jenik, Beyond Security</td>

Critical Infrastructure Security “Danger Without borders” </td>

John Bumgarner, US Cyber Consequence Unit (USCCU)</td> </tr>

12:30PM  - 1:30PM</td>

Lunch</td> </tr>

1:30PM    - 2:30PM</td>

All Your Packets Belong to Us - Attacking Backbone Technologies </td>

Daniel Mende, Security Researcher, ERNW</td>


Risk based Penetration Testing</td>

K. K. Mookhey, Founder & Principal Consultant, NII Consulting</td>


Wi-Fi security: the good, the bad and the ugly</td>

Cedric Blancher, EADS Innovation Works</td> </tr>

2:30PM    - 3:30PM</td>

Xprobe3 - What's New? Going Application Level</td>

Fyodor Yarochkin, Guard-info</td>


Pravir Chandra, OWASP</td>

Do you wanna Play a Game Game theory and Cyberwar</td>

Bryan K. Fite, HackSecKlahn</td> </tr>


Tea break & Snacks on Exhibition Floor</td> </tr>

4:00 PM   - 5:00PM</td>

Rumbling Infections – Web Malware Ontology</td>

Aditya K. Sood, COSEINC</td>


 Hacking Oracle From Web</td>

Sid, Independent Security Researcher</td>


Connected Information Security Framework</td>

Anil Kumar Chintala, Microsoft</td> </tr>

5:00PM    - 5:30PM</td>

Closing Remarks by Organizing Committee</td> </tr> </table> </div>