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Scala language , just as JAVA , offers different types of Security Frameworks you can work with. Depending on the task, here we offer some general guidelines regarding the proper use of them The following table contains the most popular ones and their security in terms of modules and implementation

Security Frameworks

The following Scala frameworks contain modules that help developers implement secure features such as Authentenciation, Authorization, CRSF or SQLInjection

Framework Authentication Authorization CSRF XSS SQLInjection
Play - - -
Deadbolt 2 - - -
Play-pac4j - - - -
Scala-oauth2-provider - - - -
SecureSocial - - - -
Silhouette - Play Framework Library - - - -
Akka (Akka-http) - - -
Spray - - -

Secure Coding - Scala Frameworks

The following is a series of documents regarding the security configurations for the above mentioned frameworks

Vulnerable Framework Components

It is essential that developers implement regular dependency checks of their components, since most Scala projects will make use of the above mentioned frameworks. Consider using Which has a Scala plugin for this purpose