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===Operating System version===
===Operating System version===
===OS environment variables===
===OS environment variables===
====Execute OS shell commands====
===Execute OS shell commands===
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==SQL tautology attacks==
==SQL tautology attacks==
=Creating content=
==Create a new table==
==Create an index==
==Create a new user==

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Database objects


List of table names

Create a table

List of columns for a specific table

Information about the indexes of a specific table

Create a index

Stored Procedures

List of stored procedures or functions

Parameters for a stored procedure or function

Source code of a stored procedure or function

Create a stored procedure or function

System data


List of database users

Database user permissions

Create a new user

Change a user password

Database server settings

Host Operating System

Operating System version

OS environment variables

Execute OS shell commands


Data type casting

String-based queries with no quote characters


SQL tautology attacks