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Online Service Provider



An Online Services Provider involves the core business function of building web applications and other network-accessible interfaces.

Initial drivers to validate the overall soundness of design without stifling innovation lead to early concentration on Design Review and Security Testing activities.

Since critical systems will be network-facing, Environment Hardening activities are also added early and ramped over time to account for risks from the hosted environment.

Though it can vary based on the core business of the organizations, Policy & Compliance activities should be started early and then advanced according to the criticality of external compliance drivers.

As the organization matures, activities from Threat Assessment, Security Requirements, and Secure Architecture are slowly added to help bolster proactive security after some baseline expectations for security have been established.

Additional Considerations

Outsourced Development

For organizations using external development resources, restrictions on code access typically leads to prioritization of Security Requirements activities instead of Code Review activities. Additionally, advancing Threat Assessment in earlier phases would allow the organization to better clarify security needs to the outsourced developers. Since expertise on software configuration will generally be strongest within the outsourced group, contracts should be constructed to account for the activities related to Operational Enablement.

Online Payment Processing

Organizations required to be in compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) or other online payment standards should place activities from Policy & Compliance in earlier phases of the roadmap. This allows the organization to opportunistically establish activities that ensure compliance and enable the future roadmap to be tailored accordingly.

Web Services Platforms

For organizations building web services platforms, design errors can carry additional risks and be more costly to mitigate. Therefore, activities from Threat Assessment, Security Requirements, and Secure Architecture should be placed in earlier phases of the roadmap.

Organizations Grown by Acquisition

In an organization grown by acquisition, there can often be several project teams following different development models with varying degrees of security-related activities incorporated. An organization such as this may require a separate roadmap for each division or project team to account for varying starting points as well as project-specific concerns if a variety of software types are being developed.

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