Rule To Write AoC

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First: check the Index

Here you can find an updated index of the OWASP Testing Guide v2.

  • If you think you can contriubute to write an article, please send an email to our ml.
  • Then, I'll add you in the Index page

Second: create a Wiki account

To write a paragraph you have to create your own wiki account.
We want to use all the power of the Wiki model to woork in group. So I'd like to create several team (may be one person) that works on particular subject directly online. Follow that way I can review and monitor all the works in "real time". I'll review all the project, and I'll be noticed when someone write a paragraph.

Write a paragraph

You can write directly a draft, then click on "watch the page" and monitor the page, so you can add your idea soon. When you write an article it is important:

  • To contribute with knowledge you have acquired from your working experience or through books or through a reliable search engine such as Google or Wikipedia.
  • Remember: everything you write must be new.
  • In order to make sure that your version of the facts is correct and from a neutral point of view
  • Begin by giving a definition or description of the topic in question. Avoid fallacies of definition.
  • [Here] is an example of a sample paragraph