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Welcome to the OWASP Rochester Local Chapter

Welcome to the local Rochester chapter homepage. The chapter leader is Ralph Durkee

Upcoming Meetings & Events

Planning is underway for our next meeting in late-February or early-March.


OWASP chapter meetings are free and open to anyone interested in application security. We encourage members to give presentations on specific topics and to contribute to the local chapter by sharing their knowledge with others. Prior to participating with OWASP please review the Chapter Rules.

The Rochester chapter has two mailing lists: one for announcements and one for general discussion. The announcement list is for official communications (e.g meeting announcements, web site updates, etc). The discussion list is for general participation and everyone is encouraged to post. The announcement mailing list can be found here. The discussion mailing list can be found here. You can also review the e-mail archive of the announcement and discussion lists to see what folks have been talking about. Please make sure you are subscribed to the announcement list to receive any last minute meeting info.

Local Officers

    • President: Vacant
    • Vice President: Ralph Durkee
    • Treasurer: Ralph Durkee
    • Secretary: Appointed by Event Coordinator at each meeting.
    • Event Coordinator: Vacant
    • Communications and Chapter OWASP Evangelist: Vacant
    • Webmaster: John King
    • Mail List Administrator: John King

Meeting Dates & Location

Dates: Meetings are announced via the announcement mailing list and on the website. Meetings reminders are sent to the OWASP Rochester Announcement distribution list at least one week prior to a meeting.

If you or your organization is interested in sponsoring a meeting or hosting a meeting please contact one of the local officers listed above.

Past Events

OWASP Rochester Chapter Event November 18, 2016
Noon to 1:15pm
GOL-2130 (Air Gap Lab)

Introduction to Application Security and OWASP Top 10 Risks (part 1 of 2)

Application Security is really hot and very much in demand. Find out why it’s so hot and get an in-depth introduction to application security and 6 of the OWASP Top 10 Application Risks. Ralph will discuss the how-to of the exploits and defenses for:

  • A2 – Broken Authentication and Session Management
  • A4 – Insecure Direct Object References
  • A5 – Security Misconfiguration
  • A6 – Sensitive Data Exposure
  • A7 – Missing Function Level Access Control
  • A9 – Using Components with Known Vulnerabilities
Slides Media:Durkee_OWASP_Top_10_2016_11_v11.pdf

Speaker: Ralph Durkee

Ralph is the principal security consultant and owner of Durkee Consulting, Inc since 1996. Ralph started the OWASP Rochester, NY chapter in 2004 and served as founding officer and president for the Rochester ISSA chapter and the annual Rochester Security Summit. He routinely performs network and application penetration tests, software security assessments and secure software development consultations for clients. His expertise in advanced penetration testing, incident handling, secure software development and secure Internet and web applications is based on over 30 years of hands-on technical experience. He has developed and taught a wide variety of professional security seminars including custom web application security training, and SANS SEC401 & SEC504 – Hacker Techniques and Incident Handling and CISSP bootcamp courses since 2004. Ralph also regularly consults on the development and implementation of a wide variety of security standards such as web application security, database encryption, Windows, and Linux security. Ralph also has done security consulting for compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, and holds the following certifications CISSP, C|EH, CRISC, GSEC, GCIH, GSNA, GCIA, GPEN and GXPN.

Rochester Security Summit

Date: Oct 5-6, 2016

OWASP Track (day 2):

  • Keynote: Jeremiah Grossman
  • Introduction to Application Security and OWASP Top 10 Risks (Ralph Durkee & John King)
  • Common Developer Crypto Mistakes (Kevin W. Wall)
  • #DevOpsSec – Killing the Buzz? (Jason Ross)
  • Web Application Firewall Evaluation with DevOps, SDLC and the New OWASP Core Rule Set (Chaim Sanders)

OWASP Rochester Social Event (8/11/16, MacGregors')

Please join the Rochester OWASP chapter for a social event August 11th at MacGregors' in Henrietta.

Come out and discuss your favorite topics in application security! Appetizers will be provided.

When: Thursday, August 11 at 5:30pm

Where: MacGregors' Grill and Tap Room (300 Jefferson Rd, Rochester, NY)

Understanding and Preventing Cross-Site Request Forgery Attacks

Date: Feb 10th, 12 Noon - 1:30pm Location: Univ of Rochester College Town – Building 3

John King

Ranked #8 on the OWASP Top 10, “Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) is an attack that forces an end user to execute unwanted actions on a web application in which they're currently authenticated.” (OWASP Wiki)

CSRF vulnerabilities are commonplace and easily missed by developers who are unfamiliar with this class of attack. Unlike injection vulnerabilities, they do not become apparent during testing unless you know exactly what to look for. This session will provide an introduction to CSRF vulnerabilities, and will include an attack demonstration and practical examples that prevent this type of vulnerability.

John is a web application developer with 10+ years of experience, with a focus on product management, user-experience, and application security. He has recently joined RIT ITS as a Senior Web Programmer / Analyst. He also serves as an officer of the Rochester chapters of OWASP and ISSA, and helps plan the annual Rochester Security Summit.

NodeJS Security

Date: Nov 6th 12 noon - 1:30pm Location: Univ of Rochester College Town – Building 3

Jason Ross

NodeJS has become an industry standard for deploying agile web applications. This talk provides an introduction to NodeJS – what it is, what it isn’t, how to get it running, and common elements that get deployed with Node (such as Grunt and Bower). With a firm understanding of the platform, we'll then examine common problems and security risks associated with NodeJS applications, as well as what options are currently available to secure and audit NodeJS projects.

Jason Ross is a Senior Consultant specializing in web application testing, Android application and device testing, and incident response management. He has provided network and application vulnerability assessment & penetration testing to a wide range of clients, including US Government agencies and Fortune 100 companies. He has also developed and delivered training tools and programs to major clients on topics such as advanced mobile penetration testing and forensic techniques.

Jason has a background in network incident response, forensic analysis and Unix & Windows platform engineering. He is an independent security researcher, and has spoken at numerous security conferences, including BlackHat DC, BSides Las Vegas, DEF CON Skytalks, and various regional conferences. Jason is also an active participant in the anti-malware community, and works with several highly vetted trust groups to track, monitor, and mitigate malicious Internet activity.

Introduction to OWASP Application Security – Building and Breaking Applications

Date: Sept 18th 12 noon - 1:30pm

Ralph Durkee, Principal Security Consultant, CISSP, C|EH, GSEC, GCIH, GSNA, GCIA, GPEN

Application Security continues to be the most challenging and demanding area for securing our information. Even large organizations like Google and Microsoft that are well funded and have a strong commitment to security, have difficulty developing secure software. Too often, when a vulnerability is found and a software patch is provided, the initial patch is soon found to be lacking and is still vulnerable. The initial patch for the recent Android StageFright vulnerability is a prime example. So yes, writing secure software is a serious challenge, but it can be done. Knowing how to build secure software and how to break insecure software can be both fun and profitable. There is and will continue to be a growing demand for developers and application penetration testers that “get it”. We'll discuss specific examples from the OWASP Top 10 and the OWASP secure coding principles about how things can go very wrong, and what we can do to keep the bad guys out.

Presentation Slides:

Application Security for Agile and Continuous Delivery

Date: May 12th, 2015 6pm

Douglass Wilson, IBM Distinguished Engineer
  • CTO for Vulnerability, Risk and Compliance Products IBM Security Systems IBU
  • Free food and drink, provide by our meeting Sponsor, IBM
Mulconry's Irish Pub, 17 Liftbridge Lane East, Fairport, NY 14450

Hands-on Ethical Hacking
Preventing and Exploiting Stack Overflow Vulnerabilities

Date: Apr 15, 2015 5:30pm

Ralph Durkee
  • We'll have a hands-on Ethical Hacking training session on preventing and exploiting stack overflow vulnerabilities.
  • In the session we'll discuss how to find a buffer overflow vulnerability and then develop a customized exploit for a stack based buffer overflow.
  • We'll also discuss and test mitigating techniques such as address randomization, stack protections mechanisms, non-executable stacks and of course secure programming to prevent buffer overflows.

Rochester Security Summit

Date: Oct 7-8, 2014 8am - 4:30pm Topics:

  • Top Ten Web Defenses (Jim Manico)
  • Ethical Hacking: Preventing and Writing Exploits for Buffer Overflows (Ralph Durkee)
  • Docker and Linux Containers for Infosec Professionals (Matt Kaar)
  • Building a Software Security Program (Kuai Hinojosa)

Location: Hyatt Regency, Rochester, NY 14604

June 20 2014 Meeting

Topic: Security Development Lifecycle Speaker: Larry Kovnat (CISSP, CISM) Location: Nixon Peabody, 1300 Clinton Square, Rochester, NY 14604

Speaker: Larry Kovnat (CISSP, CISM) Location: Nixon Peabody, 1300 Clinton Square, Rochester, NY 14604

April Meeting 2013

Topic: Ethical Hacking as a Professional Penetration Testing Technique
Speaker: Ralph Durkee, Durkee Consulting

May 2012

Mercury Networks Security Summit Tpoic: Mozilla's Content Security Policy Speaker: Lou Leone

May 2011 Meeting

Michael Coates webinar on Attack-Aware Applications.

May 5, 2011

MercuryFest Speakers: Ralph Durkee, Andrea Cogliati, Duane Peifer Topic: SSL Man-in-the-Middle and Spoofing Attacks

March 2011 Meeting

Topic: Pastebin Scrapping
Speaker: Silas Cutler, Global Crossing, Security Architect

January 2011 Meeting

Topic: State of OWASP and the State of Web Application Security
Speaker: Ralph Durkee, Durkee Consulting

August Meeting 2010

Topic: Man in the Middle Attacks: SSL Spoofing
Speaker: Duane Peifer, UberGuard Information Security and Ralph Durkee, Durkee Consulting

June Meeting 2010

Topic: Client Side Exploits 101
Speaker: JP Bourget, BS IT, RIT 2005; MS Computer Security and Information Assurance, RIT 2008; CISSP; MCSE, CSS

May Meeting 2010

Topic: New Techniques in Application Intrusion Detection
Speaker: Al Huizenga, Director of Product Management, Mykonos Software, Inc.

February Meeting 2010

Ralph Durkee presented a recap of the recent AppSec conference in DC.
Andrea Cogliati gave a talk on Identity Federation and Claim-based Security.

Oct 29-30 2008 - Rochester Security Summit 2008
The Rochester OWASP chapter in partnership with other Rochester institutions is organizing the third annual Rochester Security Summit Oct 29-30 during National Cyber Security Awareness Month. This year we'll have a full day dedicated to application security and we are are working to bring to Rochester the best national acclaimed speakers.

Visit Rochester Security Summit Site for details.

Past Presentations

Mercury Networks Security Symposium May 2012 I'll see your cross site scripting and raise you a Content Security Policy by Lou Leone Presentation - PPTX

January Meeting 2011 State of OWASP and the State of Web Application Security by Ralph Durkee PPT PDF

August Meeting 2010 Man in the Middle Attacks: SSL Spoofing by Duane Peifer PPT PDF
August Meeting 2010 Man in the Middle Attacks: SSL Spoofing by Ralph Durkee PPT PDF

May Meeting 2010 New Techniques in Application Intrusion Detection by Al Huizenga PPTX PDF
May Meeting 2010 Identity Federation and Claim-based Security by Andrea Cogliati PDF

February Meeting 2010 DC AppSec Conference Recap by Ralph Durkee PPT

October Hackerfest 2009 Introduction to OWASP Rochester by Ralph Durkee, Lou Leone PPT

September OWASP 2009 Securing Apache Web Servers with Mod Security & CIS Benchmark by Ralph Durkee PPT Open Office

May OWASP 2009 Key Management - One Perspective by Lou Leone PPT

May IEEE 2009 Introduction to OWASP, presented by Ralph Durkee and Andrea Cogliati PPT

January 2009 Paranoid Programming Practices, by Lou Leone and Aaron Witt PPT

May 2008 Database Encryption, by Ralf Durkee PPT

January 2008 SQL Injection and Dynamic SQL, by Andrea Cogliati ZIP

September 2007 2007 OWASP Top 10 Most Critical Web Application Security Vulnerabilities, by Ralph Durkee PowerPoint

October 2006 The first of the OWASP top ten: unvalidated input, by Steve Buck. PowerPoint

April 2006 PGP: Encryption for e-mail and web applications, by Ralph Durkee PDF

February 2006 Identity Theft, Phishing and Pharming, by Danny Allan PDF

February 2006 Secure e-mail, by Thomas Bullinger PDF

January 2006 PCI Compliance, by Pat Massey, Ralf Durkee, Maureen Baran PDF

September 2005 Two Factor Authentication for Java Applications with Client Certificates, by Ralf Durkee PDF Open Office

April 2005 Avoiding Backend Exploitation of Mail Forms, by Max Kessler PowerPoint Open Office

March 2005 Bringing Two-Factor Authentication to Web Applications, by Michael Starks PowerPoint Open Office

February 2005 Insecure Storage, by Chris Karr PowerPoint

January 2005 Access Control and Session Mgmnt, by Steve Buck PowerPoint Open Office

November 2004 Intro to OWASP by Ralf Durkee. Demonstration of SQL Injection attack and prevention, by Paul Cupo PowerPoint