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== 2011 Rochester Student Outreach Initiative ==
== 2011 Rochester Student Outreach Initiative ==
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The finalists will be invited to present on March 21st.<br/><br/>
The finalists will be invited to present on March 21st.<br/><br/>
Please submit any questions you may have regarding this initiative to andrea.cogliati@owasp.org
Please submit any questions you may have regarding this initiative to andrea.cogliati@owasp.org
== Participation ==
== Participation ==

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Welcome to the OWASP Rochester Local Chapter

Welcome to the local Rochester chapter homepage. The chapter leader is Andrea Cogliati


2011 Rochester Student Outreach Initiative

The Rochester Chapter of OWASP is committed to reaching out to all individuals and organizations directly or indirectly involved in the Web Application Security Ecosystem. Especially strategic to our outreach are college students in computer science and other scientific disciplines as they are the future developers, software architects, and managers who will be developing the next generation of Internet infrastructures and applications. The purpose of the Student Outreach Initiative is twofold: on one side we want to have students involved in the OWASP community, on the other side we want to be in touch with what our local colleges are doing in our field so we can foster a productive and mutually beneficial relationship.

The Student Outreach Initiative is designed to allow students to present on a topic of their choice, as long as it's relevant to Web Application Security, at a local OWASP meeting in front of the local webappsec community and to compete for the best presentation award. Students who are interested in competing may submit an abstract of their proposed presentation. The Rochester OWASP Board will select the best abstracts and their authors will be invited to present at a special OWASP meeting showcases student work. Presentations will be limited to 20 minutes. At the end of the meeting, the attendees will vote for the best presentation.

    First Prize: Honorary OWASP membership (a $50 value) plus a $100 VISA gift card
    Second Prize: $50 VISA gift card
    Third Prize: $25 VISA gift card

Abstracts must be submitted by email to andrea.cogliati@owasp.org by February 18th.
Final slides must be submitted by March 4th.
The finalists will be invited to present on March 21st.

Please submit any questions you may have regarding this initiative to andrea.cogliati@owasp.org


OWASP chapter meetings are free and open to anyone interested in application security. We encourage members to give presentations on specific topics and to contribute to the local chapter by sharing their knowledge with others. Prior to participating with OWASP please review the Chapter Rules.

The Rochester chapter has two mailing lists: one for announcements and one for general discussion. The announce list is for official communications (e.g meeting announcements, web site updates, etc). The discussion list is for general participation and everyone is encouraged to post. The announce mailing list can be found here. The discussion mailing list can be found here. You can also review the announce and discussion e-mail archives to see what folks have been talking about. Please make sure you are subscribed to announce to receive any last minute meeting info.

Local Officers

Meeting Dates & Location

Dates: The third Monday of every month, starting at 6:00 PM.

Types of events: Formal meeting (featuring a presentation) in odd numbered months, informal event (open forum with beer and wings) in even numbered months


  • Mykonos Software has been graciously providing meeting space for our formal meetings. Mykonos is located at 220 Kenneth Dr, Rochester, NY (entrance from Lehigh Station Rd or W Henrietta Rd), near 390 and Lehigh Station Road.
  • Beer and wings at Mac Gregor's Grill & Tap Room, 300 Jefferson Rd, NY 14623 Google Maps

Meetings reminders are sent to the OWASP Rochester Announcement distribution list at least one week prior to a meeting.

If you or your organization is interested in donating meeting space please contact one of the local officers listed above. The space should be able to accommodate at least 15 people.

Please note that for informal meetings at Mac Gregor's, everybody needs to pay for their own food and drinks.

 December Meeting (Formal Meeting)

Rescheduled to January

 January Meeting (Formal Meeting)

When: January 17th

Location: Mykonos (Blue Tie) at 220 Kenneth Dr, Rochester, NY (entrance from Lehigh Station Rd or W Henrietta Rd), near 390 and Lehigh Station Road

State of OWASP and the State of Web Application Security
A quick update on OWASP, and what is happening? And of course plans for the 2011 OWASP Global Summit. We’ll do a quick overview of OWASP AppSec DC 2010 conference, and then talk about the State of Application Security which will include information from the conference. I’ll do an overview of current state and trends as well as tools and techniques that are in use, and discuss their cost effectiveness. I’d like to spend some time with some interactive discussion on some meaty questions like:

Where are we and where should we be headed? Are we making progress? In what areas are we as an application security industry doing better, and where is improvement needed. How has the risks changed? Are we getting ahead of or keeping up with the threats? Are there major changes needed or helpful to “fix” the application security profession?

Ralph Durkee, CISSP, GSEC, GCIH, GSNA, GCIA, GPEN is the principal security consultant and president of Durkee Consulting, Inc since 1996. Ralph is the president of the Rochester ISSA Chapter and is the founder and vice president for the OWASP Rochester chapter. He performs a variety of security audits and software security assessments and software development consultations for clients in the Rochester, NY area. His expertise in penetration testing, incident handling, secure software development and secure Internet and web applications is based on over 30 years of both hands-on and technical training experience. He has developed and taught a wide variety of professional security seminars including custom web application security training, and SANS SEC401 & SEC504 - Hacker Techniques and Incident Handling. and CISSP bootcamp courses since 2004. Ralph regularly leads development of a wide variety of security standards such as application security, database encryption and security consulting for compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard.

Past Events

August Meeting

Topic: Man in the Middle Attacks: SSL Spoofing Speaker: Duane Peifer, UberGuard Information Security and Ralph Durkee, Durkee Consulting

June Meeting

Topic: Client Side Exploits 101 Speaker: JP Bourget, BS IT, RIT 2005; MS Computer Security and Information Assurance, RIT 2008; CISSP; MCSE, CSS

May Meeting

Topic: New Techniques in Application Intrusion Detection
Speaker: Al Huizenga, Director of Product Management, Mykonos Software, Inc.

February Meeting

Ralph Durkee presented a recap of the recent AppSec conference in DC.
Andrea Cogliati gave a talk on Identity Federation and Claim-based Security.

Oct 29-30 2008 - Rochester Security Summit 2008
The Rochester OWASP chapter in partnership with other Rochester institutions is organizing the third annual Rochester Security Summit Oct 29-30 during National Cyber Security Awareness Month. This year we'll have a full day dedicated to application security and we are are working to bring to Rochester the best national acclaimed speakers.

Visit Rochester Security Summit Site for details.

Past Presentations

August Meeting 2010 Man in the Middle Attacks: SSL Spoofing by Duane Peifer PPT PDF
August Meeting 2010 Man in the Middle Attacks: SSL Spoofing by Ralph Durkee PPT PDF

May Meeting 2010 New Techniques in Application Intrusion Detection by Al Huizenga PPTX PDF
May Meeting 2010 Identity Federation and Claim-based Security by Andrea Cogliati PDF

February Meeting 2010 DC AppSec Conference Recap by Ralph Durkee PPT

October Hackerfest 2009 Introduction to OWASP Rochester by Ralph Durkee, Lou Leone PPT

September OWASP 2009 Securing Apache Web Servers with Mod Security & CIS Benchmark by Ralph Durkee PPT Open Office

May OWASP 2009 Key Management - One Perspective by Lou Leone PPT

May IEEE 2009 Introduction to OWASP, presented by Ralph Durkee and Andrea Cogliati PPT

January 2009 Paranoid Programming Practices, by Lou Leone and Aaron Witt PPT

May 2008 Database Encryption, by Ralf Durkee PPT

January 2008 SQL Injection and Dynamic SQL, by Andrea Cogliati ZIP

September 2007 2007 OWASP Top 10 Most Critical Web Application Security Vulnerabilities, by Ralph Durkee PowerPoint

October 2006 The first of the OWASP top ten: unvalidated input, by Steve Buck. PowerPoint

April 2006 PGP: Encryption for e-mail and web applications, by Ralph Durkee PDF

February 2006 Identity Theft, Phishing and Pharming, by Danny Allan PDF

February 2006 Secure e-mail, by Thomas Bullinger PDF

January 2006 PCI Compliance, by Pat Massey, Ralf Durkee, Maureen Baran PDF

September 2005 Two Factor Authentication for Java Applications with Client Certificates, by Ralf Durkee PDF Open Office

April 2005 Avoiding Backend Exploitation of Mail Forms, by Max Kessler PowerPoint Open Office

March 2005 Bringing Two-Factor Authentication to Web Applications, by Michael Starks PowerPoint Open Office

February 2005 Insecure Storage, by Chris Karr PowerPoint

January 2005 Access Control and Session Mgmnt, by Steve Buck PowerPoint Open Office

November 2004 Intro to OWASP by Ralf Durkee. Demonstration of SQL Injection attack and prevention, by Paul Cupo PowerPoint