Reimbursement Process Details

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During the summer of 2017, OWASP began updating the funding processes used to reimburse the community as it had outgrown the existing systems. Funding requests would move from a combination of a Google Docs 'app' and some Salesforce forms to Jira Service Desk. We've named this system "OWASP Service Desk" or OSD.

From a very high level, the process is as follows:

  1. A submitter completes the reimbursement request
  2. A staff member sanity checks the request and adds the budget owner(s) to the request to get their approval of the expense. For requests against Chapter and/or Project funds,
    1. A single leader is needed for requests less than $500 USD
    2. Two leaders are needed for requests greater than $500 USD
  3. The leader(s) approve/deny the requests via comments on the request
  4. Staff changes the status to approved and assigns the request to the accounting team
  5. The accounting team requests any additional information to make the payment (if needed) and pays the submitter for approved requests making the request paid.

The process is also in a quasi-sequence diagram available here. During the entire process, the submitter and those involved are notified via email of changes to the request and can log into OWASP Service Desk at any time to see all of their requests and the status of those requests.

There are several actors in this reimbursement drama and we've created screenshot-heavy documentation for each at the links below:

Look for future additions including forms for getting funding pre-approved, budget requests and other requests that need enhanced tracking and visibility. We'll add them here as we roll them out.

-- Matt Tesauro (Operations Director, OWASP Foundation)