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(OWASP NC -> OWASP Raleigh as Charlotte chapter is running again)
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==Welcome to the OWASP North Carolina Local Chapter homepage!==  
==Welcome to the OWASP Raleigh Local Chapter homepage!==  
====Chapter Leadership====
====Chapter Leadership====
President: [mailto:steve.pinkham@gmail.com Steve Pinkham] <br />
President: [mailto:steve.pinkham@gmail.com Steve Pinkham] <br />
Vice President: [mailto://CWhitesock(@)coastalfcu(.)org Chris Whitesock] <br />
<strong>Industry Advisers:</strong><br />
<strong>Industry Advisers:</strong><br />

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Welcome to the OWASP Raleigh Local Chapter homepage!

Chapter Leadership

President: Steve Pinkham

Industry Advisers:

We are looking for board members and industry advisers, so if you are interested, please contact us!


OWASP chapter meetings are free and open to anyone interested in application security. We encourage members to give presentations on specific topics and to contribute to the local chapter by sharing their knowledge with others. Prior to participating with OWASP please review the Chapter Rules.

Join the Chapter by signing up on our mailing list
Or, you can view our Mailing List Archives here


Meeting Location

TBD, see Meetup page

Next Meeting: TBD, see the OWASP NC meetup.com page.

The Raleigh NC Chapter is looking for new members. Please don't hesitate to contact the leadership team if you would like to assist the local chapter in any way.

We accept flattery, suggestions, and snide remarks as well as monetary, time, and facilities donations.

Aside from regular meetings with guest speakers from other chapters and organizations, we are soliciting interest in new and ongoing projects our membership is involved in. If you have any interest in contributing to these projects, please let me know.

As always -- everyone is welcome to join us at our chapter meetings.


Our Chapter meetings and events are scheduled at Meetup.com. The OWASP NC meetup.com page has details of our next meeting. RSVP if possible.


We are soliciting interest in some ongoing projects our membership is already involved in, as well as being open to new projects.

Please contact the leadership team if you are interested in helping out!