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RFO and hosting information

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Request for OPEN Quotations (RFO-Q)
For Dedicated Hosting Requirements

The Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) is seeking competitive quotations for a dedicated web hosting environment hereafter described. Contractors qualified to fulfill these requirements are invited to submit quotations subject to OWASP approval and email owasp(at)

Hosting Requirements

Redundant Global Backbone Hosting

Linux is our preferred hosting OS. We also must be able to virtualize or have redundant systems in order to ensure fail-over or traffic throttling

500GB expected total storage with the option to expand storage at any time

Full web usage reporting and statistics via web interface

Support for .php 4/5, Perl, Python, MySQL (unlimited DBs), SSL (multiple domains)

SMTP server (for mailing list & web app mailing)

Dual identical but separate environments for a testing environment and a production environment.

Host provided firewall (desired)

Virtual Hosting Environment to allow us 5+ Hosts highly requested. Example would be VMWare ESXi offerings. Ideally, including us the ability to create these VM's on the fly and as needed. 

Bandwidth/Network Requirements

2500GB monthly transfer volume

E-mail spam/ phishing filtering

·       Data center Operations Support to help mitigate attacks

Block of 15 static IP's 

Backup/Recovery Requirements

Scheduled backups performed and maintained by Data Center Operations

Technical support with system recovery support

24x7 monitoring 

Administration Requirements

100% Out of Band Management (power/kvm/serial)

SSH access 

Availability Requirements

Full device, network, Data Center SLA

98% uptime 

Current Infrastructure

Detailed on the 2010 OWASP Infrastructure Page

Optional Items

  • Managed MediaWiki administration
  • Managed MailMan administration
  • Managed MySQL Administration
  • Managed BIND/DNS Administration