Python Basics for Web App Pentesters

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Registration | Hotel | Walter E. Washington Convention Center

The presentation

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Take a break from those talks that overstimulate your brain with cool technical details but provide little use to your day to day job. This talk has none of that. The goal of this talk is to teach you basic python skills you can use every day. Join one of the SamuraiWTF project leads and learn how to interact with websites using python scripts and python shells. Understand the differences between the major HTTP libraries like httplib and urllib2. Walk through sample code that performs username harvesting and dictionary attacks. Learn how to use Python's multithreaded features to speed up your scripts. Fall in love with Beautiful Soup. And most importantly, discover PyCIT, a new opensource project that provides simple, documented, and functional python templates to accelerate your python scripting efforts.

The speaker

Speaker bio will be posted shortly.