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{{Chapter Template|chaptername=Pune|extra=The chapter leaders are [ Ashwini Paranjpe], [ Sumita Uday], [ Ajit Dhumale], [ Narendra Shinde] and [ Dhruv Mohindra].
{{Inactive Chapter}}
{{Chapter Template|chaptername=Pune|extra=The chapter leader position is '''OPEN'''.
==Chapter Sponsors==
Some of our other supporters and sponsors include 'Avaya India', 'PTC Software', 'Arizona Infotech'
Sponsor OWASP Pune Chapter to help us organize open and free monthly meetings. For more information, contact the chapter leaders
= '''Upcoming Meeting/Event(s)''' =
Sep 2016 meet on '''29th Sep, 2016 (Thu) 5.00 pm to 6.30 pm -  IST'''
'''Note''' – OWASP Pune chapter meets are free and open to everyone. Prior registrations are mandatory in order to be allowed to attend the meet.
For '''Registration''' please visit -
'''Session Details/Agenda:'''
'''Topic:'''  Protecting Web Apps in today’s hostile environment
'''Abstract:''' Modern day web applications live and operate in a complex eco-system (Browser, Network/wifi, CDN, Cert Authorities, 3rd party sub resources and more). Securing the web server and web application business logic is not sufficient. The eco-system outside your direct control also contribute to the security risk posed to users of web applications. Security weaknesses and compromised elements in the eco-system would make , otherwise secure, applications risky for the users. We need to think of protecting your users in this untrusted environment. The talk will describe such risks and options available to deal with them.
NOTE: The same talk was presented in Armsec2016 conference (
'''Duration:''' 1 hour (+ Q&A)
'''About speaker:''' Ajit Dhumale
Ajit is currently an Engineering Manager at Qualys leading automated Web Application Security Scanner (DAST) product. He is Web Application Security Enthusiast. His other interest areas: Big Data, noSQl, Distributed Systems, IoT
'''When:''' 29th Sep, 2016 (Thursday) - 5.00 PM to 6.30 PM IST
Qualys, India,10th & 11th Floor, Panchashil Tech Park, Ganesh Khind Road, Shivaji Nagar, Pune - 411005 (Next to Rahul Theater).
= '''Stay Updated''' =
=== Join our low traffic mailing list for events information and technical discussions ===
[ Subscribe to OWASP Pune Mailing list]
=== Follow @OWASP_PUNE for event updates on Twitter ===
'''[ OWASP Pune Twitter Account]'''
=== Join our LinkedIn group for event updates on LinkedIn ===
'''[ OWASP Pune LinkedIn Group]'''
= '''Past Events/Archives''' =
[ OWASP Pune Meeting - Sep, 2016]
[ OWASP Pune Meeting - July, 2016]
[ OWASP Pune Meeting - June, 2016]
[ OWASP Pune Meeting - April 21st, 2016]
[ OWASP Pune Meeting - March 31st, 2016]
[ OWASP Pune Meeting - February 18th, 2016]
[ OWASP Pune Meeting - January 21st, 2016]
[ OWASP Pune Meeting - December 17th, 2015]
[ OWASP Pune Meeting - November 20th, 2015]
[ OWASP Pune Meeting - October 12th, 2015]
Past Chapter Meeting prior October 2015
[ OWASP Pune Meeting ] <br/>
= '''Presentations''' =
'''OWASP Pune November, 2015 Monthly Meeting Presentations'''
<br> [ - OWASP top 5 issues by Manish Dussad and Sumita Uday] <br/>
[ - WebAppSec: Assessment and Defense by Ajit Dhumale (Meetup: 21st April, 2016) ]
[ - Protecting Web App users in today’s hostile environment by Ajit Dhumale (Meetup: 29th Sep, 2016) ]
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Welcome to the Pune chapter homepage. The chapter leader position is OPEN.


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