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Working Session.jpg Project Reviews
Please see/use the 'discussion' page for more details about this Working Session
Working Sessions Operational Rules - Please see here the general frame of rules.
Short Work Session Description Review of all the current Flagship, some Lab, and some Incubator projects. The review of OWASP Projects will be based on the new assessment criteria.
Related Projects (if any)

Email Contacts & Roles Chair
Johanna Curiel @

Operational Manager
Samantha Groves @
Mailing list
Google Groups: owasp-project-summit-2013
  1. Introduction to new assessment criteria to conduct reviews.
  2. Team in small groups (2 to 3 max) based on experience and background to asses a set of Projects (Code, Tool or Documentation).
  3. Fill in the Questionnaire (Google Forms) to complete assessment of Projects and provide the review with a final score and results (Project defined as Incubator, Lab or Flagship).
  4. Review results of questionnaire with your team.
  5. Present results and conclusions of assessment session.

Venue/Date&Time/Model Venue/Room
AppSec USA 2013: Times Square, New York City
Date & Time
Monday, November 18, 9:00am to 1:00pm

Discussion Model
Introduction, participants, and attendees.

Projector, whiteboards, markers, Internet connectivity, power.



Chair: Johanna Curiel

Johanna has mainly worked in the area of C# and ASP.NET development, Testing and Quality Control. She is an experienced developer and understands different types of programming languages such as Java and PHP and different types of scripting languages. Johanna has ample experience in Microsoft Technologies and Security Engineering. At the moment she is working on a research to implement the Prime number theorem to calculate and predict prime numbers faster to break the RSA algorithm.

Operational Manager: Samantha Groves

Samantha Groves is the Project Manager at OWASP. Samantha has led many projects in her career, some of which include website development, brand development, sustainability and socio-behavioural research projects, competitor analysis, event organisation and management, volunteer engagement projects, staff recruitment and training, and marketing department organisation and strategy implementation projects for a variety of commercial and not-for-profit organisations.

Proposed by Working Group 'Delivered by Working Group

Review of all the current Flagship, some Lab, and some Incubator projects. Find here.

After the Meeting - fill in here.

Assign them an appropriate stage designation based on the review.

After the Meeting - fill in here.

Update the inventory based on reviews.

After the Meeting - fill in here.

Create banners that show what stage each project is on. To be placed on the wiki.

After the Meeting - fill in here.

After the Meeting - fill in here.

After the Meeting - fill in here.

After the Meeting - fill in here.

After the Meeting - fill in here.

Working Session Participants

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Name Company Notes & reason for participating, issues to be discussed/addressed

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