Projects Summit 2013/Registration

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Do I need to purchase a Full Conference Pass to attend the OWASP Project Talks and Project Summit?

No! We want these activities to be open to the community to attend and participate – so if you can’t afford a full conference pass or aren’t interested in attending the main conference talk sessions (in the Ballroom), but DO want to participate in the Project Talks, Project Summit and other activities such as the CTF, Career Fair, Lockpick Village, and Exhibit Hall: Register for FREE for the “Expo and Career Fair Only Pass” and use the following discount code at checkout: NYC13_SUMMIT

How do I sign up for a session?

Please visit the individual summit session page on to sign up for each session. You might need to create an account before you sign up. We are encouraging all those who wish to join to use this method. We will be using the attendees on this session page to do our pre-conference planning for each session so please make sure to sign up if you plan to join. You can find each session's sign up page, below:

Monday: Nov 18th

  1. OWASP Projects Review Session
  2. OWASP Media Project Session
  3. OWASP PHP Security and RBAC Projects: An Introduction
  4. OWASP AppSensor 2.0 Hackathon
  5. ESAPI Hackathon Session
  6. Bug Bounty Hack Session

Tuesday: Nov. 19th

  1. OWASP Training Development Session
  2. OWASP Academies Development Session
  3. Mobile Security Session
  4. ESAPI Hackathon Session
  5. Bug Bounty Hack Session

Wednesday: Nov. 20th

  1. Writing and Documentation Review Session
  2. ESAPI Hackathon Session
  3. Bug Bounty Hack Session
  4. OWASP PCI Toolkit Session
  5. OWASP O2 Documentation Session

Thursday: Nov. 21st

  1. ZAP Hackathon Session
  2. Open SAMM Session
  3. ESAPI Hackathon Session
  4. Bug Bounty Hack Session