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OWASP Global Projects Report

Currently Working On

  • Determining Active Project Status
    • This is a status update on this initiative.
    • I have completed the first round of requests for all Flagship, Labs, and Incubator projects.
    • I am now going through the list, and e-mailing the non-responsive Leaders once again.
    • I have gone ahead and re-sent my request for a 3rd time to un-responsive Labs Project Leaders.
    • The deadline to reply back to my request is today, Friday, 26th of July.
    • Those Leaders who did not respond to my e-mails will now have their projects archived.
    • The same process will be used for the un-responsive Leaders of Incubator projects.
  • Grants & Fundraising Intern
    • I have put together role and qualification criteria for the Fundraising Internship Opportunity.
    • The internship opportunity was made live on Monday of this week.
    • I have had one applicant for the position, so far.
    • I hope to get more applications in the coming weeks.
    • Grants & Fundraising Internship
    • I am looking for a student or recent graduate to help with grant research, writing, and volunteer coordination.
  • Project Summit: AppSec USA 2013
    • I continue to plan the logistics for the project summit taking place at AppSec USA this year.
    • I continue to gather estimates, flight, and roadmap details from Leaders.
    • I am now closer to finalizing the travel arrangements for each project leader.
    • Moreover, we are in the process of organizing the schedule of project talks for the conference days.
  • Women in AppSec: AppSec USA 2013
    • The team has now completed their fundraising activities.
    • We are happy to report that we have now raised $6,000.00 for the program.
    • The OWASP MSP Chapter kindly donated the remaining funds needed to reach our goal for the program this year.
    • The call for entries is now live, as well.
    • Women in AppSec Application Form.
    • The application deadline is Monday, September 09, 2013 at 5pm GMT.
  • Daily Project based queries and requests
    • This has not changed much since I began the post: questions are very similar in nature.
    • Global AppSec questions.
    • Funding queries.
    • Travel availability.
    • Project based administrative help.
    • Project status information.
    • Several project donations questions.
    • Marketing questions.
    • Grant funding questions.
    • OWASP Social Media Updates.
    • What's happening with projects, questions.

Grants Updates

  • OWASP OpenSAMM Grant Proposal
  1. Amount: TBD
  2. Status: This proposal is still in the planning and writing phase.
  1. Amount: $25,000 USD
  2. Status: Awarded. The first payment has been allocated to our project budgets.
  3. OWASP Development Guide Plan
  4. OWASP Testing Guide Plan
  5. OWASP Code Review Guide Plan
  1. Amount: $25,000 USD
  2. Status: The ESAPI proposal is still being reviewed.
  1. Amount: $30,000 USD
  2. Status: The ModSecurity proposal is still being reviewed.
  • Google Grants Proposal
  1. Amount: $120,000 USD in Adwords Funds
  2. Status: Awarded.
  3. Note: There is no link to show the proposal for this grant. There was a form that was submitted to Google, and we did not receive a record of this form.
  • European Commission Grant Proposal
  1. Amount: €250,000
  2. Status: This proposal has been completed and submitted.
  • Google Summer of Code
  1. Amount: $5,500.00
  2. Status: Awarded
  • Projects breakdown:
    • 4 ZAP Projects: $2,000.00
    • 4 OWTF Projects: $2,000.00
    • 1 PHP Security Project: $500
    • 1 Hackademics Project: $500
    • 1 Modsecurity Project: $500
    • Note: Big thank you to Fabio Cerullo for coordinating and managing this award.

  • Total Grant Funds Awarded: $150,500 USD for 2013.