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**Active Projects: 168
**Active Projects: 168
**Inactive Projects: 67
**Inactive Projects: 67
*'''New OWASP Projects'''
**[https://www.owasp.org/index.php/OWASP_WebSandBox_Project OWASP WebSandBox Project]
**[https://www.owasp.org/index.php/OWASP_HA_Vulnerability_Scanner_Project OWASP HA Vulnerability Scanner Project]
**[https://www.owasp.org/index.php/OWASP_Dependency_Track_Project OWASP Dependency Track Project]
**[https://www.owasp.org/index.php/OWASP_Security_Principles_Project OWASP Security Principles Project]
*'''[https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Amvv_7Gz8Z7TdHZfWGhHZ0Z4UFFwZU42djBXcVVLSlE&usp=sharing Project Applications]'''
*'''[https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Amvv_7Gz8Z7TdHZfWGhHZ0Z4UFFwZU42djBXcVVLSlE&usp=sharing Project Applications]'''
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==Grants Updates==
==Grants Updates==
*'''OWASP AppSensor Grant Proposal'''
# Amount: TBD
# Status: This proposal is still in the planning and writing phase.
*'''OWASP OpenSAMM Grant Proposal'''
*'''OWASP OpenSAMM Grant Proposal'''
# Amount: TBD
# Amount: TBD

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OWASP Global Projects Report

Currently Working On

  • Determining Active Project Status
    • This is a status update on this initiative.
    • I have completed the first round of requests for all Flagship, Labs, and Incubator projects.
    • I am now going through the list, and e-mailing the non-responsive Leaders once again.
    • I have gone ahead and re-sent my request for a 3rd time to un-responsive Labs Project Leaders.
    • The deadline to reply back to my request was today, Friday, 26th of July.
    • Those Leaders who did not respond to my e-mails will now have their projects archived.
    • The same process will be used for the un-responsive Leaders of Incubator projects.
  • Grants & Fundraising Intern
    • I have put together role and qualification criteria for the Fundraising Internship Opportunity.
    • The internship opportunity was made live on Monday of this week.
    • There has been one applicant for the position, so far.
    • I hope to get more applications in the coming weeks.
    • Grants & Fundraising Internship
    • I am looking for a student or recent graduate to help with grant research, writing, and volunteer coordination.
  • Project Summit: AppSec USA 2013
    • I continue to plan the logistics for the project summit taking place at AppSec USA this year.
    • I continue to gather estimates, flight, and roadmap details from Leaders.
    • I am now closer to finalizing the travel arrangements for each project leader.
    • Moreover, we are in the process of organizing the schedule of project talks for the conference days.
  • Women in AppSec: AppSec USA 2013
    • The team has now completed their fundraising activities.
    • We are happy to report that we have now raised $6,000.00 for the program.
    • The OWASP MSP Chapter kindly donated the remaining funds needed to reach our goal for the program this year.
    • The call for entries is now live, as well.
    • Women in AppSec Application Form.
    • The application deadline is Monday, September 09, 2013 at 5pm GMT.
  • OWASP Marketing
    • I continue to work with Design Foundry and the OWASP Ops Team to finalize Phase 3 of our Marketing Project.
    • We are in the final stages of development and design.
    • Patrick, Design Foundry's graphic designer, is working hard to get our work completed.
    • We hope to have all of our designs finalized by mid-August.
  • Daily Project based queries and requests
    • This has not changed much since I began the post: questions are very similar in nature.
    • Global AppSec questions.
    • Funding queries.
    • Travel availability.
    • Project based administrative help.
    • Project status information.
    • Several project donation questions.
    • Marketing questions.
    • Grant funding questions.
    • OWASP social media updates.
    • What's happening with projects, questions.

Grants Updates

  • OWASP AppSensor Grant Proposal
  1. Amount: TBD
  2. Status: This proposal is still in the planning and writing phase.
  • OWASP OpenSAMM Grant Proposal
  1. Amount: TBD
  2. Status: This proposal is still in the planning and writing phase.
  1. Amount: $25,000 USD
  2. Status: Awarded. The first payment has been allocated to our project budgets. The second invoice has now been sent to Georgia Tech for payment.
  3. OWASP Development Guide Plan
  4. OWASP Testing Guide Plan
  5. OWASP Code Review Guide Plan
  1. Amount: $25,000 USD
  2. Status: The ESAPI proposal is still being reviewed.
  1. Amount: $30,000 USD
  2. Status: The ModSecurity proposal is still being reviewed.
  • Google Grants Proposal
  1. Amount: $120,000 USD in Adwords Funds
  2. Status: Awarded.
  3. Note: There is no link to show the proposal for this grant. There was a form that was submitted to Google, and we did not receive a record of this form.
  • European Commission Grant Proposal
  1. Amount: €250,000
  2. Status: This proposal has been completed and submitted.
  • Google Summer of Code
  1. Amount: $5,500.00
  2. Status: Awarded
  • Projects breakdown:
    • 4 ZAP Projects: $2,000.00
    • 4 OWTF Projects: $2,000.00
    • 1 PHP Security Project: $500
    • 1 Hackademics Project: $500
    • 1 Modsecurity Project: $500
    • Note: Big thank you to Fabio Cerullo for coordinating and managing this award.

  • Total Grant Funds Awarded: $150,500 USD for 2013.