Projects/Project Funds Proposal

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This proposal is a draft.

OWASP Project Funds

Summary of Issues

  • Accounting: Currently there is over $44,654.26 due to projects and many projects with a very small budget (less than $50) that does not get used. Incubator projects often do not have enough money, or no money, in their accounts to grow their project.  
  • Spending: In addition, some projects have funds that they have not spent in years, nor do they have plans to spend it in the near future.
  • Support: Projects that are more active in completing their roadmaps, and moving forward with their milestones, can benefit more from these stagnant funds.
  • Volunteers: Project Leaders have expressed that they sometimes struggle to find volunteers to help with tasks related to their projects. Some of these include, editing, design, copywriting, administration, and development tasks. Additionally, project leaders have expressed the desire to reward dedicated volunteers who contribute their skills and time to their project.

Resolution & Action Items

  • Projects with less than $100 in their accounts at the end of 2013: These funds should be re-allocated to a project funds bucket/budget line item.
  • These funds within the project bucket/budget line item will be used to support an OWASP Projects Innovation Award.
  • The Award will gift a project with met milestones, international collaboration, and adherence to the mission and values of OWASP. (Criteria TBD)
  • Develop an OWASP Projects Bounty Initiative that allows project leaders to seek out contract workers for tasks needing completion for their project to move forward.
  • Project Bounties will be rewarded to the lowest and most qualified bidder.
  • Policy & Procedures for OWASP Projects Bounty Initiative & OWASP Projects Innovation Award to follow.