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what is this release?
x5s v1.0.1 - 06/05/2010 - (download)
Release Description: x5s was first and foremost designed to find encoding and character transformation issues that can lead to XSS vulnerability, and present them in a visual way where they could be reviewed with a quickness. Many tools exist for testing Web-applications to find cross-site scripting bugs. There are browser plugins, Web-scanners, and static code analyzers. We use whatever suits us in a given situation and produces the output we're interested in receiving. We developed x5s for penetration testers and other security-minded persons who already know how to find and exploit an XSS vulnerability. The tool has a slightly different bent than other tools we've used.

It's main goals include:

  • Automate finding the encoding issues that can lead to XSS.
  • Identify where character transformations occur by injecting multibyte characters such as higher Unicode code points and non-shortest form character encodings.
Release License: New BSD
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Key Contacts
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