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Currently web-spa is in version 0.5 with the latest release shortening the number of inputs required from a legitimate user to only two. These are a valid pass-phrase, unique for each user and a single digit in the range of [0-9]. You can find this release at:

Version 0.6 will be a clean-up version where the roadmap for versions 0.7 to 1.2 will be defined, as well as the requirements documents revisited. We plan to start using the Issue tracking within Google Code and also debate moving the source code to GitHub.

Version 0.7 will have a java write-up of a number of test cases so that to increase test coverage within the tool.

Version 0.8 will incorporate in the server side component of web-spa (run with -server option) the ability for a web-spa administrator to generate a single output of all actions available for a web-spa user.