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03.2013 – to create a “SCADA footprinting” cheetsheat;

05.2013 – to create a “RTU & ICS telemetry devices footprinting” cheetsheat;

07.2013 – to create open-source footprinting library or tool;

09.2013 – to create a prototype of IDS/IPS system on WEB-application threats related to ICS/SCADA, to formalize attack patterns;

10.2013 – to create a library of IDS/IPS or honeypot system for WEB-environments acting as honeypot on standart WEB-servers for malicious activities detection and prevention.

12.2013 – to create Hardering Guide for the most popular WEB-applications front-ends and server-side applications written on scripting languages used in ICS/SCADA of famous technological vendors.

01.2014 – to create cyber intelligence module for ICS/SCADA/RTUs WEB-applications detection, to improve “SCADA footprinting” and “RTU & ICS telemetry devices footprinting” cheetsheats.