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About this list

In 2013, we polled the industry for new vulnerability statistics in the field of mobile applications. What you see here is a result of that data and a representation of the mobile application threat landscape.

Our goals for the 2014 list included the following:

2014-01-26 20-23-29.png
  • Updates to the wiki content; including cross-linking to testing guides, more visual exercises, etc;
  • Generation of more data; and
  • A PDF release.

This list has been finalized after a 90-day feedback period from the community. Based on feedback, we intend on releasing a Mobile Top Ten 2015 list following a similar approach of collecting data, grouping the data in logical and consistent ways.

Feel free to visit the mailing list as well!

Call to Action for 2015

We are currently looking for vendors, consultants, or other industry experts within the appsec community that are willing to participate in the OWASP Mobile Top Ten 2015. Participation could include any of the following: gathering data, promoting awareness, etc.

Project Survey

Please help us shape the roadmap for this important project by participating in this survey: Survey Link

AppSec USA 2014 Opportunities

We have also scheduled a project summit at AppSec USA 2014 for Friday, September 19th at 1:00 PM. More information to follow.

Top 10 Mobile Risks - Final List 2014

Project Leads, Credit, and Contributions

Project Methodology


  • The list below is the OLD release candidate v1.0 of the OWASP Top 10 Mobile Risks.  This list was initially released on September 23, 2011 at Appsec USA.