Projects/OWASP Mobile Security Project - Top Ten Mobile Risks

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About this list

The below list is the result of a brainstorming session conducted by a small number of security consultants and application testers. For this list to carry weight going forward, it should be derived from the larger community that has had experience reviewing and testing mobile applications for security. A new initiative has been proposed to survey organizations for anonymous vulnerability data, and use this data to build the next version of this list.

Top 10 Mobile Risks Draft 0.1

  1. Insecure or unnecessary client-side data storage
  2. Lack of data protection in transit
  3. Personal data leakage
  4. Failure to protect resources with strong authentication
  5. Failure to implement least privilege authorization policy
  6. Client-side injection
  7. Client-side DOS
  8. Malicious third-party code
  9. Client-side buffer overflow
  10. Failure to apply server-side controls

Additional Considerations

  1. Abuse of client side paid resources
  2. Failure to properly handle inbound SMS messages
  3. Failure to properly handle outbound SMS messages
  4. Malicious / Fake applications from appstore
  5. Ability of one application to view data or communicate with other applications
  6. Switching networks during a transaction
  7. Failure to Protecting Sensitive Data a rest