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iMAS – iOS secure application framework to reduce iOS application vulnerabilities and information loss. iMAS and its first open source static security controls for download and use in iOS applications. Visit and browse our project to find out more; download and give it a try. Once you do, tell us what you think or better yet, get involved and participate!

iMas Project Page

The source code for iMAS is available on GitHub: Source Code


The OWASP GoatDroid Project is a fully functional and self-contained environment for learning about Android security.

GoatDroid requires minimal dependencies, and is ideal for both Android beginners as well as more advanced users. The project currently includes two applications: FourGoats, a location based social network, and Herd Financial, a mobile banking application.

You can find GoatDroid on GitHub: Source Code

GoatDroid Project Page


Dangers of Jailbreaking & Rooting Mobile Devices