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| contributor_name1 = David Lindner
| contributor_name1 = David Lindner
| contributor_email1 = david.lindner@aspectsecurity.com
| contributor_email1 = david.lindner@aspectsecurity.com
| contributor_username1 =  
| contributor_username1 = David Lindner
| pamphlet_link =  
| pamphlet_link =  

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What does this OWASP project offer you?
What releases are available for this project?
what is this project?
Name: OWASP Mobile Security Project (home page)
Purpose: The rapid growth of mobile computing has made the need for secure mobile development absolutely essential. The OWASP Mobile Security Project will help the community better understand the risks present in mobile applications, and learn to defend against them. This project will be forked into each of the following platforms:
  • iOS Project
  • Android Project
  • webOS Project
  • Windows Mobile Project
  • Blackberry Project
License: N/A
who is working on this project?
Project Leader(s):
Project Contributor(s):
how can you learn more?
Project Pamphlet: Not Yet Created
Project Presentation:
Mailing list: Mailing List Archives
Project Roadmap: View
Key Contacts
  • Contact the GPC to report a problem or concern about this project or to update information.
current release
Not Yet Published
last reviewed release
Not Yet Reviewed

other releases