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Rules for the OWASP Video Portal

  • Video content must be related to OWASP
    • Projects
    • Chapter meetings
    • OWASP branded conferences
  • Any language is accepted and should be indicated
  • References to content should be the correct level to respect rules
    • Full channels
    • Playlists
    • Individual videos

Rules for the OWASPGLOBAL YouTube Channel

  • Uploads must be at minimum quality level equivalent to latest uploaded videos
  • Content limited to AppSec Global Conferences or equivalent English content
    • AppSecCali as a good example: 2 days conferences, English, professional recording
  • Alternative content allowed: Videos spotlights
    • Small or mediums videos that present either another channel or a project
    • Used to link from the OWASPGLOBAL channel to another other channel
  • For permanent managers
    • Need to have a clear assignment (eg. working for a specific conference)
    • Need to be registered on the mailing list
    • Must acknowledge and follow minimum security best practices
      • Use a dedicated browser session
      • Logout of OWASP account when not needed
  • For owners
    • Need to sign the OWASP Social Media Agreement/Contract
  • Temporary managers are allowed
    • They must be in contact directly with a permanent manager or owner
    • Typically they are contractor firms doing the recordings at conferences

Global Conference Guidelines

OWASP Media Project used to provide on site recording for talks during major OWASP conferences (20+ speakers), but this is now a thing of the past. In order to achieve a respectable results in quality of content, dealing with an experienced professional vendor is now a must.

Note that OWASP Media Project will still provide support on uploading, publishing and marketing of the video content as of 2018. Vendor could still be required to upload to YouTube, this is particularly useful if they don't deliver on physical media by the end of the event.

In order to assure painless success some hard requirements are to be followed:

  • Use HDMI for screen capture
  • Do not record the slides using a video camera and use that as final publishing
  • Require the vendor to have experience with recording presentations

And some somewhat flexible requirements (downplaying them will jeopardize quality):

  • Require the vendor to have experience with online publications
    • Have the vendor send a prior sample of their work
  • Coordinate the recording vendor with the audio vendor
    • Some hotels will enforce their own audio vendor, fight them or make sure that they have a SLA in the contract
    • Most of the problems you'll have at this point will be audio, be prepared, but don't go as silly as have dual microphones, unless it's a huge keynote.
  • Have the vendor do live post-production. That means that talks are ready at the end of the conference, not 2-4 weeks after
  • If they do post-production with music, make sure it has been tested on YouTube to not generate copyright strikes.
  • If recording of the speaker is done, make sure it's with professional grade camera
  • Prioritize keynotes on budget for recording and additional marketing efforts

What to NOT do:

  • Do not use your own laptop for presentations with software recording
    • We actually suggest software recording for smaller or single talk event, but in a big conference that's a guaranteed headache
  • Do not publish all content at once
  • Do not expect 100% quality from any vendor
    • A 5% failure rate is to be expected; you'll loose some recordings, sound will be bad on some, aspect ratio might be weird, HDCP might ruin everything.
    • Some talks will be beyond salvage. We published them in the past but with 700+ videos online now, we think it's unnecessary unless there's a direct demand from the community to see the talk anyways.
  • Do not wait to publish talks more than ~3 months after the event.
    • With global events overlapping, you also don't want to publish one event over the other.
    • Statistics has shown that after 2 months traffic greatly drop.

Last but not least, be ready to pay the price. We suggest that you look for sponsors in order to cover the costs. Be aware that you might break YouTube EULA by adding ads inside the videos, especially when using permanent logos. You can however add a comment bellow in text, or do sponsored content in a stand alone video or inside the content.

If you are lucky, you might find a local enthusiast that will do it for free. In this case, we suggest to have professional recording of the keynotes, and make sure you handle the risk you are taking by having exceptional communication between them and the conference team.

YouTube Upload Guidelines

In order to achieve an acceptable level of quality and consistency trough the videos upload on the channel, each uploaded videos must meet theses requirements :

  • Comply with YouTube Copyright regulations
    • Fun introduction
    • Basically, do not upload any content or partial content that are from another source, that includes music, TV show captures, clips from movies/TV.
    • If we get Copyright strikes, after 3 we are out and will be ban from YouTube.
    • Deleting an infringement strike videos won't help removing the strike.
  • Respect basic quality standards for uploaded videos.
    • 720p minimum, upload in 1080p Full HD if available (YouTube will create lesser resolutions versions automatically)
    • Slides must be readable in 480p (for mobile usage and default web view).
    • Sound must be clear and with no electronic noise or with minimal white noise.
      • Mono can be used, if stereo make sure both channels are being used
    • Editing must be professional level or very minimal with YouTube tools or absent.
  • For meta data information:
    • Put the subject and the speaker name in the title
      • If the subject is too long, the speaker name can be omitted
    • Put the abstract if available and speaker BIO in the description
    • Leave the OWASP Media Project signature
    • Use the default tags (currently #owasp and #appsec) and optionally add some if desired
  • If videos are from a logical batch, associate it with a playlist (Example: AppSecEU2013 playlist)

YouTube Access Management

Access management is currently given to OWASP Media Project leaders and OWASP Global Staff. As owner, make sure you:

  • Send an email to the project mailing list when adding or removing access
  • Move back to communication manager any manager that are not posting video content actively
  • Periodically audit and clean up the accesses given to people
  • You can access the manage permissions page while logged in with the correct Google account on Brand Account details

YouTube Uploading Procedure


  • Have a Google account, preferably an one, that is added as a manager of OWASPGLOBAL YouTube channel
  • If you plan to upload content more than one conference a year, you must be subscribed to our OWASP Media Project mailing list
  • Read the "Guidelines and standards for YouTube" especially about copyright


  • Use another browser or profile than your normal browser in order to upload to YouTube. If you browse YouTube as "OWASP", all history, likes and favorites will be shared with the channel.
  • Take special security care of your account because it is now having all access to a front-facing OWASP asset


  • Login as OWASP on YouTube with the top right account change widget
  • As OWASP, Create a playlist with the name of your contribution
  • Upload the video using
    • In Privacy settings, make it "Unlisted" or "Private" if you don't want it to be shown right away
    • As it upload and process, set the correct title and description (please leave the Media Project signature)
    • Add tags related to the subject or the contribution. These are like keywords.
    • You can use the Video Manager in order to tag many videos at once
    • Save and wait until it is completely uploaded
  • When ready to publish, view the video and add it to your playlist
    • Change the Privacy settings to Public if it was Private or Unlisted
    • Review title and description
  • Share the video as you wish on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.
    • Use embed code to share it in HTML
    • Use wiki code #ev:youtube|VIDEO-ID or #ev:youtubeplaylist|PLAYLIST-ID between {{}} for wiki