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what is this project?
Name: OWASP GoatDroid Project (home page)
  • The OWASP GoatDroid Project is a fully functional and self-contained environment for learning about Android security.
  • GoatDroid requires minimal dependencies, and is ideal for both Android beginners as well as more advanced users. The project currently includes two applications: FourGoats, a location based social network, and Herd Financial, a mobile banking application.
  • As the Android SDK provides new features, the GoatDroid contributors will strive to implement up-to-date lessons that can educate developers and security testers on these problems. Contributors will always be needed for this project, so if you are interested please contact the project's leaders or the OWASP Mobile Security mailing list.
  • You can currently download the project via Google Code:
  • As of the GoatDroid 1.0 release, the project will be maintained on GitHub:
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  • Contact the GPC to report a problem or concern about this project or to update information.
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