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| leader_username1 = clerkendweller
| leader_username1 = clerkendweller
| contributor_name1 =  
| contributor_name1 = Jeff Williams
| contributor_email1 =  
| contributor_email1 = jeff.williams@owasp.org
| contributor_username1 =  
| contributor_username1 = Jeff_Williams
| contributor_name2 =  
| contributor_name2 = Dave Wichers
| contributor_email2 =  
| contributor_email2 = dave.wichers@owasp.org
| contributor_username2 =  
| contributor_username2 = Wichers
| contributor_name3 =  
| contributor_name3 = Dinis Cruz
| contributor_email3 =  
| contributor_email3 = Dinis.cruz@owasp.org
| contributor_username3 =  
| contributor_username3 =Dinis.cruz
| contributor_name4 =  
| contributor_name4 =  

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Name: OWASP Codes of Conduct (home page)
Purpose: To create and maintain OWASP Codes of Conduct. In order to achieve our mission, OWASP needs to take advantage of every opportunity to affect software development everywhere. At theOWASP Summit 2011 in Portugal, the idea was created to try to influence educational institutions, government bodies, standards groups, and trade organizations. We set out to define a set of minimal requirements for these organizations specifying what we believe to be the most effective ways to support our mission. We call these requirements a “code of conduct” to imply that these are normative standards, they represent a minimum baseline, and that they are not difficult to achieve.
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