Projects/Internships/Weekly Report 12 20 2013

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Grants and Fundraising Intern Weekly Report

Currently Working On

  • HOST Funding Mock Ups:
    • Over the course of the week I finished creating a budget and budget narrative for the mock up project grant.
    • I also attempted a gantt chart. A very basic gantt chart was created, but due to some compatibility issues, it still needs a little work.
      • Assignment near completion
  • ESAPI Hackathon/Bug Bash Wiki:
  • I created a wiki page for the ESAPI Hackathon/Bug Bash.
    • Assignment Complete

Lessons Learned

  • Google spreadsheets are not compatible with documents created in Apple software when I need them to be.
  • When creating a budget narrative, and I create a separate document to work strictly on the budget, I need to remember to change my numbers on the actual copy I would submit.
    • This was a repeated issue in that I would keep changing my budget numbers to balance the budget more evenly, but I would forget to change the numbers in the budget chart and my entire budget would be off.

Additional Comments

  • Happy Holidays to the OWASP community! See you in 2014!