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Grants and Fundraising Intern Weekly Report

Currently Working On

  • Grant Mock-ups:
    • I'm working on creating mock up grants for two projects as a way to get practice on writing actual grants.
    • Part of the process is connecting with the project leads for each project, but it's that time of year when everyone is busy, which causes the assignment to take some time.
      • Assignment on-going
  • Project/Grant Spending Policy pages:
    • I created basic pages for the project spending policy, the grant spending policy and the project sponsorship operational guidelines.
      • Assignment complete
  • Veterans Grants Program:
    • My next assignment will be to draft the grant proposal for the Veterans Grants Program.
    • So far I have created the template for the grant, but at this time the project overview is not complete and I have to wait for its completion before I can really start work on drafting the grant proposal.
      • Assignment on-going

Lessons Learned

  • The end of the year is just a bad time to get in touch with project leaders. Everyone is just busy at this time, but hopefully I can get some answers to project questions soon.
  • Filling in information for grant proposals is quite repetitive, and sometimes filler sentences are needed to reach the word count.

Additional Comments

  • I need to think of grant writing as writing a paper for college, get the facts and then fill in the rest.