Projects/Internships/Weekly Report 10 11 2013

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Grants and Fundraising Intern Weekly Report

Currently Working On

  • Marketing Resources Page
    • I'm continuing to add content and edit the wiki page for the marketing resources. There is only one piece left to be uploaded. I am working on formatting the page better.
      • Assignment in edit
  • Projects Summit Pages
    • I have been putting together pages for the Projects Summit.
      • The Mobile Security Project Page.
      • The Projects Summit schedule table.
      • The Projects Summit briefing page- I put together the briefing page which gave an overview of the Projects Summit. I used pictures from the 2011 Summit to draw some attention to the page, as well as used banners to highlight the sessions and tracks.
      • Projects Summit attendee page- Both the attendee bio page and the attendee list.
      • Assignment complete
  • Elance Transcripts
    • I checked up on the progress of the transcripts for the Board Elections transcript project. All the transcripts are finished. I converted them to PDFs and uploaded here 2013 Board Elections.
    • Assignment complete

Lessons Learned

  • Building a basic table in Wiki is easy, however, going beyond a basic table is still a work in progress. I will continue to work on learning how to create more advanced tables.
  • Second guessing what I'm doing on an assignment will only stress me out. When in doubt, ask Samantha.
  • Linking to a direct download rather than to another page to then download.
  • When working with templates, things will always get messed up. I need to be more aware of the markup before I start making changes.

Additional Comments

I could benefit from table templates. I tried to use templates from other tables, but I completely failed and just created a messy table. I will spend the weekend going over creating tables.