Projects/Internships/Weekly Report 09 27 2013

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Grants and Fundraising Intern Report

Currently Working On

  • Continuing Assignment 5:Marketing page
    • This week I added the currently available marketing pieces. I'm still waiting on the last four pieces to be finished to put the final touches on the marketing page.
      • Assignment updated
  • Assignment 6:Google Summer of Code Mentor (GSOC) Mentor Gift Spreadsheet
    • I created a spreadsheet to list which gift the mentors picked, as well as additional information for those who were mentors in GSOC. This was a pretty straight-forward assignment.
      • Assignment in progress-still waiting for responses.
  • Assignment 7:Women in AppSec program page
    • The big assignment for the week is creating and working on the Women in AppSec program page. This includes giving an overview of the program, the guidelines, grading criteria and the day of the conference events.
    • Assignment in progress

Lessons Learned

  • Convert PDF files to JPG, not PNG. The colors came out all wrong on the marketing page images because I initially used PNG files. After converting the files to JPG, the colors were normal.
  • Creating linkable images is not as difficult as I originally believed.
  • Always use Google Docs.
  • Using markups from similar pages makes the process go a lot more smooth.
  • Pages are not going to be perfect the first time around, so I can come back and tweak things later.

Additional Comments

  • I am starting to appreciate just how easy the markups on the wiki are to learn.